Thursday, 23 March 2023

Cold Trader Void Troopers

I've been steadily working away at a project that I've wanted to do for some time - creating a crew to accompany my Necromunda Cold Trader. I always wanted to create more than a 4-strong group. Not only is this now possible in the Necromunda rules, but they're the perfect premise for a Stargrave crew. Happily, I have a weekend of Stargrave gaming coming up next month, so that was the perfect motivation to work on some new figures to accompany my Cold Trader.

I wanted the additional figures for the crew to give the feel of professional no-nonsense criminals. These aren't gutter scum or lawless pirates. This is an efficient and meticulously-planned smuggling operation that requires a skilled workforce. The first group of figures are exactly that - disciplined and well-trained, if perhaps a little morally suspect!

Monday, 9 January 2023

Staring into the Void - Navigator

I wanted something relatively quick and easy to paint up as my first figure of 2023, so I decided to pick something from my boxes that was long overdue. I'm a firm believer in salvaging all of the off-cut components from my conversion projects as they nearly always get recycled into new projects. This figure is a good example of that, using the torso of the Imperial assassin who donated her legs to a chaos cultist in November 2018, and the body of a fantasy cleric whose head is now sported by a renegade Inquisitor.

The new Navigator flanked by a junior member of the house and her personal servant.