Friday 8 December 2023

Beware the Pack - Confrontation Dogskins

Another group of 4 Confrontation models, which technically just leaves scavvies and the Elite gang to go. Of course, 4 figures isn't a gang, so before I get round to anything else, I need to paint up more figures for THIS gang. And which gang is it? The feral proto-ratskin gang that are generally referred to as Dogskins.

Friday 17 November 2023

Flight of the Navigator - BOYL 2023 Event Miniature

A fantastic event miniature is just one of the many delights of the annual Bring Out Your Lead gaming get together. The figure is given out for free to all attendees and is only available on the event weekend. We have alternated between fantasy and sci-fi figures over the years, and this year saw the first ever multipart model in the form of a sci-fi navigator sculpted by Tim Prow.

I finished painting up my copy at almost the exact same time as Asslessman over at Leadplague (complete coincidence). The bonus is that you can check out another lovely paint job on the figure

I went for the same colour scheme that I've used on all my navigators to date, and I'm very pleased with the striking results:

I added the ring on his right hand with greenstuff to cover a minor casting flaw.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Technological Limits - The Final Tech

Hot on the heels of the pair of Marauder techs from a few weeks back is the very last tech ganger I needed to paint for a full set. 

Tech gangers sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

Friday 13 October 2023

A Sign of Good Fortune - Caryatids

According to Confrontation and Necromunda lore, the small blue, winged creatures known as caryatids are are considered a sign of good fortune - they attach themselves to successful and charismatic individuals. They're one of those cool little sidenotes that add colour and interest to a setting (as well as now having an in-game function if you're playing modern Necromunda).

Caryatid by Stephen Tappin, published in White Dwarf #132

Friday 29 September 2023

Always Plugged In - Crooked Dice Hacker Kid

As I'm tidying up some loose ends, I picked a random figure out of my pending pile last night to paint. This time it's a juvenile hacker I'd intended to hang around with my other kids

'Next Gen' and Ludo, from Crooked Dice post-apocalyptic and Colony 87 ranges.

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Tech Savvy - Marauder Tech Gangers

I'm steadily chipping away at my Confrontation collection - latest to be done are the pair of Marauder tech gangers that I should have painted at the same time as the other two, but didn't!

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Dead or Alive? As Long As There's a Fee - Confrontation Bounty Hunters

There have been many Citadel sculptors, but I really wish that Roy Eastland had stayed with Citadel longer than he did. He was responsible for the delightfully chunky non-Copplestone tech gangers, the flamboyant puffed sleeved space marine scouts and a handful of skeletons. And that was about it! The highlight of Roy's output for Citadel for me though is the small set of five Confrontation bounty hunters. They are brilliantly grizzled and hard-bitten characters, with eccentric hairstyles and exotic gear - 100% Confrontation in fact!

I painted up one of the five as The Doc a few weeks ago, whilst another of the set was painted a few years ago as The Wolf of House Ulanti. I decided to paint up the other three and get the set completed.

Monday 24 July 2023

Squat Pirate Heavy Support - the Annihilator

I'm confident that if I did a quick poll on 'The Most Likely Heavy Support Option For Squat Pirates', a giant mechanised walking skull with guns in its eyes would come pretty high up on the results. Happily for me, Mammoth Miniatures recently released the Grobnik Annihilator from the Gardens of Hecate range.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Bounty Hunters Back From the Future

I'll start off by saying that in general I'm not that keen on pop culture mash-ups. I prefer my Star Wars, Superheroes, Dune and Thundercats neatly compartmentalised and separate. Every so often, something happens and my willpower drops. I end up painting a RT pilot as Buck Rogers. Or a space pirate and weretiger as an alternate universe He-Man and Battlecat.

For no particular reason, I recently dropped my guard and ended up doing something I hadn't really intended, and is firmly in mash-up territory.

Notorious bounty hunters MJ MkFlay and The Doc

Eternian Flame - Him Homme and Scaredy Cat

Note: This is a repost of a post from October 2017 that I posted on the Scale Creep blog.  

Back in August 2017, Asslessman proposed that we indulge in a bit of nostalgia with a group project in homage to the most heroic of 1980s heroes: He Man. These figures were my contribution.

He Man was The Man. He was tough. He was brave. He had a kick-ass sword and a fearsome tiger to ride around on. He fought against some pretty unpleasant bad guys and delivered wholesome moral lessons to the avid cartoon-watching children of the era. He is the perfect character to reimagine in 28mm for a different setting in a different universe...

Friday 14 July 2023

The Assimilator - An Alien Monstrosity

When I picked up the captive fugitive from Antediluvian Miniatures, I also picked up The Assimilator - a fun alien monstrosity from the range at the same time. This nightmarish (but also rather cartoony) four-armed alien is a brilliant sculpt, full of menace with a dash of Monsters Inc!

A posse surround The Assimilator, hoping to subdue the alien and cash in on its bounty.

Monday 3 July 2023

The Dude and his Kitty

I'm certain I'm not the only hobbyist that has a stack of partly painted or assembled miniatures sitting on shelves or in boxes. My stalling point is generally post-conversion - I'll have an idea for a figure (and often a gaming need), but then plans change and I end up with a converted figure waiting to be painted. Sometimes they wait for a few weeks. Sometimes it's several years!

Today's figure was built sometime in late August or early September 2018. I had a spare head from an Imperial Guardsman I'd converted for my Dracula's America in Space crew, and Ukko from Foundry's 2000AD range that I'd picked up at Bring Out Your Lead 2018. The resulting pairing gave me a rather fun NPC (instantly referred to as The Dude):

I suspect the contents of the bottle are cheap, nasty and very strong!

Monday 26 June 2023

WarFactory Ventolin Pirates Squad 2

Hot on the heels of the first set of Ventolin Pirates by WarFactory are yet more Ventolin Pirates! A further six sculpts, comprising 3 troopers, 1 missile launcher, 1 sergeant and 1 leader. As a reminder, the STLs are being made available as part of a fundraiser for Ukraine. Check out the details over at: WarFactory.

Well-equipped pirates enter the canyon.

Monday 19 June 2023

WarFactory Ventolin Pirates

The classic Rogue Trader adventurers range is full of iconic miniatures. Most are individual characters, but there are a couple that are crying out for some companions. The Ventolin Pirate is a great example, and Aidan Boustred over at WarFactory has digitally sculpted some fantastic homage figures - the STLs are being made available as part of a fundraiser for Ukraine. Check out the details over at: WarFactory

5-man squad of Ventolin Pirates.

Thursday 15 June 2023

Clan Masters - Bespoke Helmar Leaders

Generally I'm 'not bad' at completing miniatures projects - I manage to paint up game-ready gangs and skirmish forces in a timely manner. However, I am also regularly guilty of over-ambition. I might make a gang of 10 figures, but acquire the material to make 10 more which sit unfinished long after I've completed a campaign with the first 10. This pair of figures is a pretty extreme example - when I was originally planning my Helmawr gang at the end of 2019, I decided I wanted some unique character figures. So I commissioned John Pickford to sculpt me a leader and a champion. He created me a pair of wonderful characters  in early 2020. And I only got round to painting them a few weeks ago. Better late than never I guess?!

Monday 5 June 2023

Recruits for the Spider - Helmawr Gangers

In December 2019 it wasn't my intention to abandon my Confrontation / Necromunda Helmawr gang halfway through. But global events took over, and the Necromunda campaign my group were planning didn't happen. The other week I was looking for a filler project, and that box of unpainted Helmawr figures caught my eye. I wanted some quick and easy wins, so decided to paint up a couple of figures ready to go, rather than work on the planned conversions. And what is more satisfying than painting a pair of unreleased figures to round out a set?

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Eternal Champions - Elric, Moonglum & Jagreen Lern

It had been some time since I last thought about painting up any figures for my Citadel Eternal Champion collection. However when the 28 Mag team asked if I was interested in writing an article about gaming in the multiverse, I thought it was a great opportunity to add some new figures and characters. As the photos of newly painted figures in the article are just illustrative, I thought it would be good to give the figures a little more airtime here on the blog!

Tuesday 23 May 2023

The Rolling Messiah (Colony 87 by Crooked Dice)

When I handed over the reins of Colony 87 to Crooked Dice a few years back, I didn't know what to expect in terms of the future range. Happily Karl has thrown a load of hard work and magic at the range, and grown it beyond my imagination. The Rolling Messiah from the Market Folk set is a brilliant example of what I always hoped the range would be - characterful sci-fi civilians that simply don't exist elsewhere.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Genius Intellect and a Powerful Psychic Mind - The Professor

I had planned to paint this figure up as one of my Five Parsecs crew, but I got halfway through before running out of time. Since then he'd been stuck part-painted on a shelf, waiting patiently for me to finish him off. Happily, I had a few hours yesterday evening, so it's another figure in the 'done' pile. He's the sort of figure that really appeals to me with his non-combatant / Professor X look.

Friday 12 May 2023

Psyker Killers, Qu'est-ce Que C'est?

The only downside to the Marauder Confrontation figures is that there aren't enough of them. Four Ash Waste Nomads. Four Venators. Four Psykers. Four figures isn't enough to make a gang of anything (except possibly a rubbish gang that needs to rethink its recruitment policy!).

So on the heels of my four Marauder psykers and my converted leader, I wanted to add some more big-headed lads with mind powers.

Venators corner a notorious group of psykers on their witch hunt.

Thursday 27 April 2023

Dress a Willy - A New Radneck

A few weeks ago Galapalus Silvestris (@thestilltower on Instagram) posted some pics of his brilliant Willy sculpt with the invitation to #dressawilly:

Friday 21 April 2023

Stargrave Campaign: The Unreal Engine

You'll have read about the creation of my Stargrave crew over the last 6 weeks or so, and it was really great to meet up with a bunch of great friends last weekend to play our Stargrave campaign: Unreal Engine. We were hosted by Underworld Gaming in Dublin, and 10 of us (including: Mr Saturday, Asslessman, Alex from Leadballoony, cheetor, Curis and others) travelled variously from the UK, France, Finland and of course Ireland to play on some great tables, each set up for a specific Stargrave scenario or custom scenario.

Some of the crews that took part

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Paying for a Life of Crime - Captive Space Bandit

Every so often you see a fun model that you instantly think of a use for. As soon as I saw the Antediluvian Miniatures captive fugitive, I knew it would be perfect as a game objective. Not to mention all of those scenic pics that need a prisoner or two!

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Hunting for Loot & Bounty - A Stargrave Pathfinder

The final member of my Cold Trader's Stargrave crew is a Pathfinder. I'm a big fan of ranger-types in any warband - there's something about the kind of character that wears a long coat or cloak and carries a bow or long rifle that really appeals to me. I'm not sure how effective a Pathfinder will be in Stargrave, but I couldn't resist including the archetype.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Stargrave Q-Bots (AKA Skullz Servitors)

Everybody knows that robot characters are cool, and that if you have opportunity, you should include them in a starship crew. I wasn't quite sure how best to include some robots in my Cold Trader Stargrave crew, as nothing really seemed to fit the bill stylistically. I happened on the Q-Bot soldier type from the Quarantine 37 supplement and decided that 40k servitors would be a fun way to represent them. I dug out a couple of the early 2000s servitors, but it was nagging me that they didn't have any detail that could be easily passed off as the one-shot flamer or grenade launcher. And then I remembered my Skullz servitors...

Thursday 30 March 2023

Alien Treasures & Secret Data - Stargrave Loot Tokens

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently prepping a crew for Stargrave. Most of the scenarios in the game are loot-grabs, so every game needs a selection of suitable loot counters. Loot comes in two different types: physical (crates, ammo, valuable items etc) and data (floppy discs and memory sticks).

For my data loot tokens I bought a bunch of little doodads from a bits reseller. I think they might be some kind of mine from a Space Marine kit, but I figured they'd do as little data caches.

Thursday 23 March 2023

Cold Trader Void Troopers

I've been steadily working away at a project that I've wanted to do for some time - creating a crew to accompany my Necromunda Cold Trader. I always wanted to create more than a 4-strong group. Not only is this now possible in the Necromunda rules, but they're the perfect premise for a Stargrave crew. Happily, I have a weekend of Stargrave gaming coming up next month, so that was the perfect motivation to work on some new figures to accompany my Cold Trader.

I wanted the additional figures for the crew to give the feel of professional no-nonsense criminals. These aren't gutter scum or lawless pirates. This is an efficient and meticulously-planned smuggling operation that requires a skilled workforce. The first group of figures are exactly that - disciplined and well-trained, if perhaps a little morally suspect!

Monday 9 January 2023

Staring into the Void - Navigator

I wanted something relatively quick and easy to paint up as my first figure of 2023, so I decided to pick something from my boxes that was long overdue. I'm a firm believer in salvaging all of the off-cut components from my conversion projects as they nearly always get recycled into new projects. This figure is a good example of that, using the torso of the Imperial assassin who donated her legs to a chaos cultist in November 2018, and the body of a fantasy cleric whose head is now sported by a renegade Inquisitor.

The new Navigator flanked by a junior member of the house and her personal servant.