Monday 29 August 2016

Gang Warfare - Necromundan Spiders Kill Team

As a general rule, I'm not that keen on buying painted figures. Apart from a very few exceptions (such as gifts from friends), I prefer to paint my own figures - I like the process, and the ability to interpret colour schemes and overall look.
The other day, I broke this philosophical approach when I bought this set of 6 figures on ebay, listed as an Imperial Guard / Necromunda gang:
Ebay auction pic.

Friday 26 August 2016

The Mystery of the Ivory Statues - An Inquisimunda Game Report

Inquisitor Verhoeven mused over the facts. A renegade former Inquisitor, going by the name of 'Drosk'. A consignment of Xenos artefacts being sold by unscrupulous black market traders. Furtive Eldar traders sighted in starport bars. Apparently, even the local Adeptus Arbites had started to take an interest. This was going to require further investigation.

Inquisitor Verhoeven as played by cheetor from Sho3box.

Rogue Trader Ptolome Jones as played by antipixi.

Imperial Snatch Squad Aranea as played by @Curis.

Wednesday 24 August 2016

More Crates

Last night I wanted to paint something quick, easy and requiring minimal brain work. So I pulled out a pair of resin crates from my unpainted terrain pile and set to work.

The crates are from Daemonscape and are solid resin. I'm not entirely sure why I only have 2 from the set. Perhaps the third is around in a box somewhere!


Tuesday 23 August 2016

Talk Fantasy Football Legacy Team 2016 - Khemri Skeleton

I haven't painted any Blood Bowl models for an age - largely symptomatic to the winding down of my local Blood Bowl league, with several folks moving away, and others of us becoming more interested in Inquisimunda. Over the last couple of years, I ran the Talk Fantasy Football forums annual Legacy Team - each contributor makes and submits a model, there's a draw, and the winner gets the team. This year, I decided not to make it 4 years in a row, and let Rory (aka Frogboy) take the reins. He's done a grand job marshalling the contributors and cajoling people into completing their models before the 1st of September deadline.

This year the theme was a Khemri team, with a strip in turquoise and gold. I signed up to make a Skeleton, and this was the result:


Top Gear - Ash Wastes Dune Buggy

I'm still working on my vehicle-based gang for the upcoming Logan's World campaign I'll be participating in. Most importantly, I hadn't got round to painting up any vehicles. In order to rectify this, I decided to paint up my mobile fire support vehicle - a small, light wheeled buggy, armed with a heavy stubber.
The vehicle is a resin and metal (now out of production) Future Warriors buggy. I did some adaptation to it - adding the gun (a plastic Genestealer hybrid autocannon), roll cage from brass tube, rear platform from plasticard, and the mesh (car body mesh):

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Droning On and On and On and....

I'll be running a game for a few friends in a few weeks. As part of the set-up, I needed some drones (the purpose is secret for now, for fear of giving anything away).

I came across the very nice Dweorg Scout Drones by Gydran Miniatures and ordered three sets. I spent no more than 2 hours painting them up in the same colour scheme as my Engineering crew and the job was done!

A single squadron of three drones.