Tuesday 26 November 2019

Round and Round and Round - The Circle House

No, the circle house is not circular, but bedecked with a rather handsome paint scheme by its inhabitants! Yet another pre-production building from the imminent Mud Brickstarter Kickstarter from Fogou Models, this is a delightful little bijou residence.

The building comes with separate roof and door (both of which I've glued). Unlike my previous workshop, I've been restrained with the accessories, just adding a discrete Fogou A/C unit to the rear.

Thursday 21 November 2019

The Spire's Pride - Helmawr Gangers for Necromunda

In anticipation of a new Necromunda campaign in 2020, I've made a start with a new gang - Helmawr's own bodyguard. The White Dwarf Confrontation articles variously state that:
  • Helmawr has his own personal guard (from which tithes to the Imperial Guard are made).
  • Helmawr's troops control regulation of power to the spires
  • Helmawr's clan is "effectively the largest gang on Necromunda".

Happily the Confrontation range of figures includes a lovely sculpt by Jes Goodwin with 'Helmawr Clan' on it's tab, a limited edition hive ganger who shares many of the design features, and a group of four unreleased figures collectively referred to as Helmawr gangers. By bringing together these six figures, and adding in a couple of additional figures, I could make a nice new themed gang. Here are the first four figures:

L-R: LE Hive Ganger, Champion conversion, Ganger conversion, unreleased Ganger.

The Luxaranean Guard form part of the massive forces of Lord Helmawr's personal bodyguard. Based in the Palatine Spire and drawn exclusively from uphivers, predominantly the House of Helmawr itself. The Luxarean Guard inhabit palatial quarters with vast glazed windows providing breath-taking views of the Necromundan skies and the heavy Necromundan sun. Their sun-worshipping martial cult and use of Helmawr's personal arachnid badge means they are nicknamed 'The Solar Spiders'.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Doing It For The Kids

I've always wanted sci-fi civilians to use in my games, and even more niche, I wanted some sci-fi kids. When I was working on the third wave of Colony 87 miniatures, I had John Pickford sculpt me a pair of really cute little sci-fi kids. It's great to see these finally released through Crooked Dice.

I decided to paint up the pair and to add a third kid whilst I was about it!

L-R: Colony 87, converted Midlam Miniatures, Colony 87.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

The Workshop and the Mechs

I've painted up another pre-production adobe building from Fogou Models to add to my growing town. This time I've decided to theme it as a mechanic's workshop to give it some narrative and to inform the accessories.

Like the previous Fogou adobes, from the last couple of posts, this building is genre neutral, with minimal wall details. To make it fit into my setting and work as a convincing workshop I've added a corner pipe, vent, air conditioning unit, light and little lean-to (all Fogou accessories). I also added a Crooked Dice generator to the roof and the door sign from a short length of plastic strip.