Wednesday 25 May 2016

The Blind Leading the Blind

Did I mention before that I'm quite fond of Astropaths? I think I may have! It's been some months since I made Mother Cantor Mechthild, and I facing adding to my choir. Fully enthused, I painted up a pair of new Astropaths - Precentor Peyter and Astropath Fraites.

Precentor Peytor accompanied by Astropath Fraites.

Monday 16 May 2016

"Engineering team to level 17 - we have a problem with waste disposal"

The Ogryns Security detachment had broken the latrine system yet again! What in the name of the Emperor did they try to flush away?! Sub-Engineer Grungi, Menial Holst and mobile diagnostic unit BM-B02 were despatched to investigate...

I put together this small engineering team after a mate recently gave me the cute little robot. He's made half a dozen or so of these robots to represent bombots for use in his Rogue Trader squat force. If you're not familiar with bombots, then head off to p121 of the Rogue Trader rulebook:
Bombots, p121 Rogue Trader

Monday 9 May 2016

Pint-sized Citi-Def

After an amazing (but tiring) weekend at Knavecon the other week, I had a mini-break from hobbying to catch up with real life and the family. I'll get round to some Knavecon coverage in due course, but for now you can check out the coverage of our RT game, the Dorty Double Dozen, and the Frostgrave fun elsewhere.
For my most recent painting session, I wasn't feeling the love for any of the figures sat ready. So I rummaged around in my boxes of random figures, and pulled out an old Citi-Def figure from Citadel's Judge Dredd range. Something about the figure appealed, and I knew the paint job would be quick and easy.
Two hours later, this was the result: