Monday 24 July 2023

Squat Pirate Heavy Support - the Annihilator

I'm confident that if I did a quick poll on 'The Most Likely Heavy Support Option For Squat Pirates', a giant mechanised walking skull with guns in its eyes would come pretty high up on the results. Happily for me, Mammoth Miniatures recently released the Grobnik Annihilator from the Gardens of Hecate range.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Bounty Hunters Back From the Future

I'll start off by saying that in general I'm not that keen on pop culture mash-ups. I prefer my Star Wars, Superheroes, Dune and Thundercats neatly compartmentalised and separate. Every so often, something happens and my willpower drops. I end up painting a RT pilot as Buck Rogers. Or a space pirate and weretiger as an alternate universe He-Man and Battlecat.

For no particular reason, I recently dropped my guard and ended up doing something I hadn't really intended, and is firmly in mash-up territory.

Notorious bounty hunters MJ MkFlay and The Doc

Eternian Flame - Him Homme and Scaredy Cat

Note: This is a repost of a post from October 2017 that I posted on the Scale Creep blog.  

Back in August 2017, Asslessman proposed that we indulge in a bit of nostalgia with a group project in homage to the most heroic of 1980s heroes: He Man. These figures were my contribution.

He Man was The Man. He was tough. He was brave. He had a kick-ass sword and a fearsome tiger to ride around on. He fought against some pretty unpleasant bad guys and delivered wholesome moral lessons to the avid cartoon-watching children of the era. He is the perfect character to reimagine in 28mm for a different setting in a different universe...

Friday 14 July 2023

The Assimilator - An Alien Monstrosity

When I picked up the captive fugitive from Antediluvian Miniatures, I also picked up The Assimilator - a fun alien monstrosity from the range at the same time. This nightmarish (but also rather cartoony) four-armed alien is a brilliant sculpt, full of menace with a dash of Monsters Inc!

A posse surround The Assimilator, hoping to subdue the alien and cash in on its bounty.

Monday 3 July 2023

The Dude and his Kitty

I'm certain I'm not the only hobbyist that has a stack of partly painted or assembled miniatures sitting on shelves or in boxes. My stalling point is generally post-conversion - I'll have an idea for a figure (and often a gaming need), but then plans change and I end up with a converted figure waiting to be painted. Sometimes they wait for a few weeks. Sometimes it's several years!

Today's figure was built sometime in late August or early September 2018. I had a spare head from an Imperial Guardsman I'd converted for my Dracula's America in Space crew, and Ukko from Foundry's 2000AD range that I'd picked up at Bring Out Your Lead 2018. The resulting pairing gave me a rather fun NPC (instantly referred to as The Dude):

I suspect the contents of the bottle are cheap, nasty and very strong!