Tuesday 25 July 2017

All the Short Men - Ratling Kill Team (Part 2)

You may have read my previous post about the inception of a new, shorter statured Kill Team.

The subject of Part 1.

I'll be using the troopers in support of an Inquisitor and the closest members of his retinue. And here they are!

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Denjon Meister and his retinue.

All the Short Men - Ratling Kill Team (Part 1)

I guess it was about 6 weeks or so ago when I had the idea. And this was the model that started it all:

'Panadol', sci-fi Halfling psyker from Four A Miniatures.

I'd picked up this lovely sculpt of a sci-fi Halfling psyker sculpted by Paul Muller on a whim. Then I started musing about making a little Kill Team to accompany her - after all, I had half a dozen or so Citadel ratlings that would fit the bill. And then I decided it would be fun to try and make this Kill Team in time for a pre-arranged gaming session of Shadow War: Armageddon with some buddies. Notwithstanding other hobby commitments, the relatively compact timeframe, and the desire to convert and paint a brand new set of figures, I launched into the project with abandon!

Monday 24 July 2017

Grox Herding - Animal Husbandry in the 41st Millennium

The humble grox is a staple touchstone of 'normal' life in the 41st millennium. You'll often see references in background text and novels (Dan Abnett regularly refers to juicy grox steaks). First referenced in the Rogue Trader rulebook, groxen are an excellent inclusion to any farm-based 40k game!