Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Small But Perfectly Formed - Gydran Transport Vehicle

For a long time now I've been on the lookout for a generic non-military sci-fi vehicle. Something with multiple wheels and a cargo area. Something that looks utilitarian and functional. I thought the other day that my search was finally over when Gydran Studio released their resin R3 Exploration Roller vehicle. It has 6 wheels and a removable canopy to make an open or enclosed cargo area. It has the perfect generic sci-fi functional look. Sadly, it proved to be about 50% smaller than I had anticipated, so rather than having a nice hulking exploration vehicle or cargo lugger, the scale of the R3 Exploration Roller is more akin to an airport baggage cart. So the search continues, but nevertheless I now have a cool little vehicle to use alongside my new landing pad!

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Programmed for Maximum Boom - Bombots

When Curis showed off his DTN8 Remote Mine Droids the other week, I knew I had to persuade him to send me some. He duly sent me a set of three, and I happily added them to my paint queue (disclaimer: mine will never, ever look as good as Curis' paintjobs. Make sure you check out his if you want to see some beautiful brushwork on cute exploding robots!).

Monday, 6 September 2021

"Follow the beacon to landing pad Y-18"

I have been planning a landing pad as part of my terrain collection for years, but for various reasons painting one up never quite floated to the top of the to-do pile. I'm pleased to say I've rectified that glaring omission and I have a new shuttle to put on it too! Which all means I can do some nice hangar-bay scenic shots like this:

For those of you who enjoy knowing these things, the background is made from three Micro Art Studio barracks on their ends plus one of my habs with my newly painted hotel also upended and balanced on top!

Friday, 3 September 2021

Cheap Beds For Hire - the Only Hotel in Town!

In my last post, I showed off three of the fantastic buildings scratchbuilt for me by Grimsforge. This time round it's one of the larger buildings that Graham built for me, which I'd described as a 'two-storey house' in my concept sketch. As it turns out, there's been a change of use and it's now the town hotel!

A weary traveller attempts to negotiate room rates.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Getting the Contractors in - Scratchbuilt Buildings

Generally I prefer to make my own models and terrain, but every so often there are projects where a specialist is required! In this instance, I wanted some more buildings in the same vein as my prototype hardfoam GW habs. Whilst it might be within my capability to construct something in the same aesthetic, some of the construction techniques looked beyond me, especially when it came to some of the more interesting shapes.

The settlement just keeps on growing!

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Rab's Supplies - A Fringe World General Store

Whilst I was enthused about getting some buildings painted, I decided to dig out another building that's been sat unpainted in a box for far too long! You can never have too many buildings to add variety to a settlement and gaming set-ups.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

A New Look - Finally Updating the Blog Header

The eagle-eyed of you might notice a new header for the blog. This is LONG overdue! This is actually the fifth banner that I've had since I started the blog in 2013. I orginally named the blog due to the idea that I had a magpie-type approach to hobbying - collecting and hoarding shiny stuff, whilst also flitting from one thing to the next!