Thursday, 6 May 2021

Stargrave Bestiary: Warbot / Rogue Trader Robot

Rogue Trader robots are such brilliantly fun models, with their eccentric configurations and wide variety of styles. The bubble-bodied Castellan with its 'Lost in Space' vibes is my favourite, and I've wanted to include one in my deep space salvage crew for a while. It matches the aesthetic of the LE01 power armour troopers brilliantly, with the rounded shapes and big 'R' (for robot?) that mimics the 'P' and 'A' on the troopers.

As the Stargrave bestiary necessitates a warbot (a large robot with multiple shooting attacks), I decided to kill two birds with one stone and paint up a RT robot for the salvage crew and act as a warbot should I roll one up on the Stargrave encounter chart.

The Castellan is a reassuring addition to the crew!

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

The Dreaded (Rogue Trader) Ambull

Ahead of the release of Stargrave, I've been chatting through the requirement for a range of beasts for mid-game encounters. Although I have quite a few beasts, there are some gaps - I don't have any flocks or alien birds for example - nor did I have any giant insects. So I've started looking in my boxes to see what I could dig out. First up is this lovely Rogue Trader ambull, which will also stand in as the giant insectoid porigata for Stargrave.

Oh dear, you don't really want something like this emerging from the undergrowth!

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Mech + Tech Services - An Underhive Workshop

Back in May and June 2020, I went through a flurry of building some fun buildings out of old Necromunda bulkheads. In July 2020, I build a little workshop, then did nothing with it!

I discovered it in a box during a bit of a tidy up over the weekend, so decided to do a quick paintjob and get it ready for use.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

T'Sulian Tribesfolk - Shaman and Warrior

I'm now actively working on a full group of my T'Sulian warriors with a view to the idea that they might work nicely as a Stargrave crew. With that in mind, I need more fighters, some specialists and a few characters.

The T'Sulian family group warily investigates an abandoned Imperial outpost.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Welcome to Zone 3 - a New Backdrop

A new backdrop for my miniatures photography is long overdue! The last one I made was back in 2019, and I could do with another location for a bit of variety! I was lucky enough to pick up a set of 3 unreleased 40k scenic panels from the Oldhammer Trading Company Facebook group, and that prompted a quick and dirty build and painting session. Here are the results:

Cargo bay 3 is a hive of activity for loading mineral ore from the Eastern Mines.

Monday, 22 March 2021

T'Sulian Tribesfolk - a Xenos Mother and Child

I was really pleased with my pair of T'Sulian xenos warriors that I made last year, and I knew from the outset that I was likely to make some more.

It just so happened that the theme of the current painting challenge over at the Oldhammer Facebook group is #justthetwoofus (paint a pair of models which share a connection or theme), and a germ of an idea formed. I decided I would make a pair of non-combatant tribesfolk who may eventually inhabit a future nomadic campsite that I may or may not end up making (depending on how big the tribe gets!).

"That's him mum, he said my head looks like a sand crab's bum!"

Friday, 5 March 2021

Not Even a Pretty Face - Ogryn Space Pirate

I love adding exotic outliers into a project. Usually these end up being little imp like companions who ape the costume and trappings of their crew, but in the case of my squat pirates, I decided to go bigger rather than smaller. After all, a nasty crew of beard-wearing space corsairs would probably welcome a larger, nastier beard-wearer. Especially one with a feather in his hat!