Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Path to Damnation (Part 2) - Ratling Renegades

When I rolled up my chaos renegade warband, I think the unit I was most pleased about was the three ratlings. Not because ratlings are iconic followers of chaos (the reverse is probably true), but because I've always enjoyed modelling and playing with figures of a ratling's stature. I even made a full ratling Inquisitorial retinue after all!

I already had four or five spare ratlings, so it was a case of selecting three to work out how to chaosify them. To my mind, the key change needed was a head swap. The classic Rogue Trader ratlings have beaming round faces - not the sort of look that a trio of corrupted ratlings would sport. In a case of serendipity, I also happened to have a selection of Maxmini's Fallen Legionnaire heads (left over from an aborted Blood Bowl hobgoblin project).

I cut off the original heads, replaced them with the nasty chaotic ones, and sculpted new collars:

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Path to Damnation - Starting a Chaos Renegade Warband

This year as part of the annual Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) event hosted by Wargames Foundry, myself and a group of friends are going to be playing some Rogue Trader using the Chaos Renegades rules as presented on pages 231-239 of Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness (StD). Note there is a little fettling and fudging to cover available figures and wargear.

The set-up is pretty straightforward. Each participant generates their renegade and four groups of followers. Over the course of a day, we will play multiple games in a campaign type system.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

There's a Scrap Fort in the Badlands...

I've been fortunate enough to have been given a preview set of a fantastic new scrap fort which is due to be released soon in a Kickstarter by Fogou Models. Fogou produce really high quality resin terrain kits. I've painted a number of the excellent frontier sci-fi buildings previously, and I was thrilled to receive an advance set of the new fort.

The copy of the fort I've been sent is roughly octagonal in shape, provided with three corner walls, 4 straight walls, a gate (to be located in the 4th corner) and elevated walkways/firesteps for all the walls except the gate.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Strontium Dogs - Hornby Toad

I really enjoy making figures, but I particularly enjoy making figures that are completely unplanned. A week or so back, Jason Fulford, keeper of the excellent Rogue Heresy blog sent me some junk Rogue Trader and Judge Dredd figures. The figures had clearly been donors for other conversion projects and were variously headless or weaponless - perfect conversion fodder.

Included in the group was a headless One Eye Schumaen from the Judge Dredd perps range, who ordinarily looks like this:

It just so happened that also on my desk I had the chaos toad familiar, which had just snapped at the ankles, and a damaged Blood Bowl human kicker. If you put all 3 figures together, you end up with something like this:

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Masked Hunters - Confrontation Venators

In an effort to catch up on stuff I painted in 2018, here's a second post in a row of 'stuff I painted some time ago'. Some time ago for these is somewhere around about July, when I ran game featuring Venators at Bring Out Your Lead 2018.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Necromundan Shadow Hound

The folk tales of Necromunda are full of references to terrifying shadowy dog-like creatures. There's the Black Chuck of the Ostpost Angles of Trazior Hive, and the Bargust which purportedly ravages the settlers of Spoil Heap Island in Palatine itself, to mention just two. Of course the dark spaces of Necromunda are infested by innumerable dangerous creatures, but a sighting of a Shadow Hound is almost universally considered by Necromundans to be an omen of impending death. Often within seconds! 

Earlier this year I was planning to take part in the "Here Kitty, Kitty" competition on Yaktribe (make and create a creature for Necromunda). I instantly thought back to Tony Ackland's creepy alien-esque hound that he drew for Confrontation:

Confrontation illustration by Tony Ackland

Sunday, 30 December 2018

A Hobby Review of 2018

Phew! It's been a busy old year and I'm very much enjoying taking a bit of a festive break. Since the very start of this blog, I've taken the opportunity to take a look back at the end of each year, and its hobby highlights. This year is no different, and it feels like it was another good year.

At the end of 2017 I set myself some ambitions:

- To attend Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL).
- To travel to Ireland again for another gaming weekend
- Join participate in a new Necromunda campaign.
- To continue with Choose Your Own Adventurers.
- To paint some RT forces.
- To paint some Dracula's America in Space figures.

Oh, and to have fun and play some cool games!

Gaming in 2018

In 2018 I played a similar number of games to previous years. I didn't get across to Ireland, but I did attend BOYL, and a real blast it was too!

My car boot full of figures and terrain to be used at BOYL!

Dracula's America in Space at BOYL.

Bounty Hunting in the Underhive at BOYL.
I also had a few gaming sessions with my mate Graham at his place.

Necromunda was the key theme of the year though. My gaming group is now mid-way through our 3rd campaign of the year, and I'm on my 3rd gang (Confrontation Hunters, Techs and now mutie cultists). 

In April I also attended the first Necromunda tournament at Warhammer World since the new game came out. The best part about it was that one of my opponents, Mike, has since joined our Necromunda gaming group - it was worth it to meet a great new gaming buddy!

3rd best Necromunda player in the world (current rankings!).
I'm looking forward to more Necromunda to come in the New Year, and hoping for an improvement in my mid-table rankings in our campaign!

Painting and Modelling

The year was full of fun painting and modelling projects, some of which have been on my wishlist for years! I finished off three Confrontation gangs (the Hunters, Bratts and Techs) using in the main period figures. I didn't paint up my RT space elves, but I did make a nice new Eldar Kill Team using RT scouts. I also managed to paint Buck Rogers starfighter, a selection of mutated cultists, Johnny Alpha and a host of terrain. Not any Genestealer cultists though!

The Hobby Chart

But I know all you really want to see is the chart. Here you go:

In 2018 I painted a total of 160 'things'. A thing is a thing - a large terrain piece counts the same as a barrel. A single 28mm miniature is the same as a vehicle. I'm pretty pleased with a total of 160, even if it is a drop of last year's high (207 things).

Number of games is holding steady at 40. Less than the 2015 high of 46, but it roughly equates to one game a week excluding holidays.

I'm just hopeful that I maintain enthusiasm and have time for a similar level of output next year.

Plans for 2019

Speaking of next year, what does it hold? I say this every year, but as long as I managed to have fun games and enjoy what I model and paint, that's a success for me.

That said, I know I'll be working on some post-apocalyptic / fringe world terrain in the New Year, and I already have plans for the next Necromunda gang (I fancy making some fighters from House Helmawr).

I'll attend BOYL 2019, keep up the Necromunda campaigns, and I'm sure other opportunities will present themselves!

I'll sign off for 2018 now - have a great holiday period and wishing you and yours a great 2019!