Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Rites of the Hunt - Necromunda Venator Band

Back at the start of the year I was invited to create a Venator band for Necromunda. There was planned that the gang might be published in White Dwarf alongside the article on Venators in the May 2018 issue. Sadly the gang didn't get into print, although they were shown recently on Warhammer TV.

My approach to the gang was to try and recreate the look and feel of the classic Marauder Confrontation Venators - check out these wonderful painted examples by Asslessman over at Leadplague. The classic look includes hoods, masks and a prevalence of nooses - something I wanted to replicate using current plastic GW kits.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

It's a Long-Shot (Cultists Get Snipers Too)!

I'm really getting a kick out of my dregs and mutie cult for Necromunda, in spite of the fact that they are ranked 8th out of thirteen gangs in our campaign with a 50-50 win-loss ratio. There's something about pathetic low-lifes that really does appeal to me!

Not content with having two snipers already, I decided I wanted a third. This time I've elected to arm Sant, my new cultist, with a long-las instead of a long rifle. It lacks the range and stopping power of a long rifle, but in trade off it's a much more reliable weapon and more accurate at mid-ranges.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Scaling Up Spacefarers - 28mm Star Lane Space Pirate Girl

In my view, Citadel's Spacefarers range was one of the best selections of science fiction adventuring types that any company has produced. It included over 50 different figures including merchants, troopers, droids and space pirates. They had great poses and interesting gear. But they are useless for my games which are firmly set in 28mm Rogue Trader scale, because for all their charm, Spacefarers are teeny 25mm figures.

Spacefarers page from the 1981 Citadel catalogue (image from Stuff of Legends)

I've already had one attempt at upscaling the Interplanetary Merchant with a figure I sculpted from scratch. I wanted to try my hand at converting one of my other favourite figures from the range - the S17 'Star Lane Space Pirate Girl with Laser Pistol'.

Star Lane Space Pirate Girl painted by Greblord. More images over at: http://greblord-littlemen.blogspot.com/2016/03/citadel-25mm-spacefarers-s17-star-lane.html

Star Lane Space Pirate Girl painted by Greblord. More images over at: http://greblord-littlemen.blogspot.com/2016/03/citadel-25mm-spacefarers-s17-star-lane.html

Missiles and Extra Eyes - More Mutie Cultists!

I think I'm pretty much on the home straight with my mutie cultists. I probably won't make any more for a little while, unless of course I earn lots of Necromunda campaign creds and need to add new recruits!

I've made two more cultists anticipating being able to buy more fighters and gear - another combat cultist, and a disciple armed with a missile launcher.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

One Shot, One Kill - Long Ranged Cult Disciple

When I originally planned my Necromunda chaos cult, I knew I wanted a disciple (champion) with a heavy stubber. It was later suggested to me that a disciple with a long rifle would be fun. A high quality ranged shooter in Necromunda is always a useful thing, and a long rifle has pretty fun stats - S4 like a boltgun, positive to hit modifiers at long range (and the maximum range is long - 48"!). Not to mention the knockback ability which can hurl targets into other models, walls, or even off gantries.

It just so happened that back in 2015 when I was making some completely unrelated chaos cultists in pink, I had criminally decapitated a Jes Goodwin skaven champion with a jezail. He had sat unpainted in a pile for over three years, so I took the opportunity to look at him a second time.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Face to Face with the Cult

One thing lacking from the Benevolent Brothers was any form of close-quarters fighters. I decided to rectify that with three new additions - Maddox, Snyke and Frenk.

All three are armed exclusively with melee weapons and pistols to take things up close and personal! I am still working out whether Maddox (the lady with the big chainsword) will be a champion with a chainglaive or a ganger with a chainsword. I'm settled on Snyke with his hand flamer and Frenk though.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Arming the Brothers - Chaos Cult Shooters

Members of the Benevolent Brotherhood keep a wary watch as Demagogue Jakob carries out doorstep conversions.

With my new Necromunda campaign kicking off next week, I am busily finishing off the last few fighters I need to complete my starting roster. I've made the decision to sacrifice reliability in favour of bodies, so my cultists are by and large going to be unarmoured and equipped with unreliable reclaimed auto-weapons - pretty fitting for underhive muties I think.