Friday 24 May 2024

Inq et nunc - 54mm Servitor Mono-152

Inquisitor (published by Games Workshop in 2001) is a fiendishly complex table-top RPG, with figures that at 54mm scale do not fit with anything else in my collection. Not many people play it. Having enough terrain is a constant issue. Games Workshop's figures are long out of print, and there is a real dearth of suitably-sized and styled sci-fi miniatures from other manufacturers. There is absolutely no justification that warrants spending time to make and paint anything for Inquisitor. Except that maybe, just maybe, I want to because I fancy doing it.

In terms of my Inquisitor gaming history, I was totally enthused when the game was published and built and painted a hooded, powerfist wielding Inquisitor (I sadly no longer have him). Some time after that, I made a small group of 54mm Eldar (I still have them; chipped & missing bits). Then I left Inquisitor alone for at least 15 years, possibly as long as 20 years. But after chatting with buddies Asslessman and Antipixi, it seemed that we all had a bit of an Inquisitor itch to scratch. I'm not sure how far I'll get with this project - I'm currently working on about half a dozen figures. I might make and paint 1, or 3 or even more depending on how enthused I end up!

Mono-152 goes on a pre-progammed rampage

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Whistle for the Big Dog - Final Dogskin gangers

A final pair of gangers to bring my Confrontation dogskin gang up to ten members strong. This means that I can field them as a Stargrave crew, and have just about enough members for a short Necromunda campaign.

Friday 19 April 2024

Every Pirate Crew Needs a Ship - The Squat Jetskull

When I originally put my squat pirates together, I knew that they would need something to ride around in. My initial thought was to buy a second-hand Action Force Roboskull and adapt it, but it turns out that vintage toys are collectible and expensive, so I would need to do something else. I ran with the flying skull theme though, and put together what I've been calling the Jetskull.

Squat pirates prep the Jetskull in the landing bay of their mothership.

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Pirates on Board - Squat Surfers

On Saturday just gone I attended the inaugural Lead & Steel event at The Outpost in Sheffield - a new and hopefully regular event on the Oldhammer calendar. I took part in a multiplayer game of Necromunda set in the badlands town of Far Corfe (more on that in the next post). The game required a small gang plus some vehicles. I decided I was going to use my squat pirates, but needed a few more vehicles to accompany the crew and their only existing vehicle, the Annihilator. First up - some powerboards!

What's that in the background? You'll have to wait until the next post.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Hammer of the Hounds - Yet More Dogskins!

Part of the fun in building these Confrontation gangs is converting or adding in models that fit the look of the original sculpts. Today's pair of Dogskins includes a gang champion that hopefully fits that bill (as well as a standard Dogskin ganger to fill out the ranks!).

Friday 26 January 2024

Flea-bitten & Feral - More Dogskins

I had hoped to finish my Dogskin gang over Christmas, but plans changed and they're still very much WIP. Nonetheless, I've finished another pair to bring my total up to six.

Typical gang behaviour - picking on the weak and vulnerable.

Friday 8 December 2023

Beware the Pack - Confrontation Dogskins

Another group of 4 Confrontation models, which technically just leaves scavvies and the Elite gang to go. Of course, 4 figures isn't a gang, so before I get round to anything else, I need to paint up more figures for THIS gang. And which gang is it? The feral proto-ratskin gang that are generally referred to as Dogskins.