Tuesday 28 January 2020

The Hunter in the Shadows - Venator Sniper

With a new Necromunda campaign due to start in about 2 weeks, I've had to acknowledge that I won't have time to get the Helmawr gang finished in time. They'll just have to sit on ice for a while, and instead I can add a handful of new figures to the Venators. I've worked out that with the Venator ogryn, I only really need another 3 figures to have a viable gang with plenty of options.

One of my favourite specialists in any gang is the long ranged shooter - that guy armed with the high powered rifle and a selection of scopes who can pick of opposing fighters at range.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

The Biggest Axe - Venator Ogryn Brute

Most Necromunda gangs have access to one or more brutes - big muscular fighters that can be added to their crew. Venators don't have a gang-specific brute, but can field either of two universal brutes: an ambot or a servitor ogryn.

I quite fancied giving my Venators the option of having a big guy for the fun element (and the extra muscle of course). Given that I'm pretty far down the road of masked and hooded Venators, it seemed only fitting to follow the theme for their ogryn.

A strong hunting party of Venators enters the settlement, accompanied by a hulking ogryn.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

The Iron Fist - Inquisitional Commandos

I know that the Inquisition hangs around with the Deathwatch or the Adepta Sororitas a bit, but they're overkill when it comes to an every-day world of the Imperium setting. Storm Troopers and Tempestus Scions are a little bit militaristic. So I'd put aside a few Imperial Light Troopers (AKA No Face Fargo) and Garrison Troopers (AKA Kylla Conditti) with the intention of using them as a tools of the oppressive Imperial regime in a mundane, non-battlefield setting.

And so, along comes January and a new painting challenge on the Oldhammer Facebook group. The rules of 'Naismithery' are simple - pick one or more models sculpted by Bob Naismith and paint it within the month of January. It just so happens that Bob sculpted both No Face and Kylla...

Inquisitional Commandos conduct door to door searches on the trail of a notorious space pirate.