Tuesday 30 July 2019

Observation Tower - Old School Yoghurt Pot Scenery

With a week to go to Bring Out Your Lead 2019 at Wargames Foundry, I have completed all of the models I need to use in my planned games. I do still have a few pieces of terrain to make for my ash wastes racing game, one of which is a sort of VIP observation tower / commentary box.

I had nearly bought a suitable resin tower kit, but then decided that an old school approach would work equally as well. After all, it's sanctioned by the text in the Rogue Trader rulebook no less:

I figured I could ape the look of these buildings pretty quickly and easily.

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Deep Space Salvage Crew - Carrying and Squeezing Into Tight Spaces

If you thought that a turtle alien or a squat were going to be the most exotic members of my deep space salvage crew, you might have been wrong! And that's because every salvage crew needs something to carry all their gear/loot, and somebody small to squeeze into all the vents and crawl spaces. So my latest additions to the crew fill these gaps.

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Deep Space Salvage Crew - New Recruits

Shortly after making my 5-strong Terminator stand-in salvage crew a few weeks ago, it was pointed out that my big robot was on too large a base. Not too large for the model, but too large for the 3D Space Hulk terrain they were going to be deployed on.

Rather than worry about wasted effort, I decided to embrace the opportunity of adding a couple more figures to the crew. Both of the new additions are slightly more exotic than the previous troopers, being an abhuman and an alien.

Irn-Bonce the squat is the very first space dwarf seen in 40k, hailing from the March 1987 releases. His rounded armour is a great match stylistically to the LE10 power armour troopers, and his weapon (later listed as a grenade launcher) could easily stand in as a heavy flamer / blast type weapon in Space Hulk.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

The Ragged Stranger - an Ian Miller Inspired Scavvy

Back at the start of June, 28 Magazine launched an exciting painting and modelling challenge - to create a model inspired by the artwork of Ian Miller. I'm a huge fan of Ian Miller's artwork - as anyone who has ever opened a copy of Rogue Trader, Slaves to Darkness or Ratspike inevitably is! If you're not familiar with Ian's work, I urge you to check out his website www.ian-miller.org.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first ever 28 Mag Challenge open!
The challenge is to create anything inspired by the artwork of Ian Miller. It could be Dark Age of Sigmar, INQ28, a single miniature, a unit, trees, fish, weird buildings – anything you want to make, as long as it is clearly influenced by the artwork of Ian Miller.

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Helmawr's Gate - Making Use of a Warhammer World Drinks Token

I slipped in a brand new piece of scenery in my last post - a new gate / entrance that I threw together the other night.

The gate has been specifically created to hold one of the drinks tokens that used to be given to event attendees at Warhammer World for use at Bugman's Bar. Obviously plenty of people decided that they'd rather keep the token than exchange it for a free drink, so a fair few number of these made it into the wild!

The token is in the form of a Necromundan credit. It features the Imperial Aquila accompanied by the motto "Imperium Approved" on one side (the tails?) and the noble visage of Lord Helmawr on the reverse (heads?):