Thursday 24 August 2017

Notorious Personages, Flyboys and Fuel

A selection of a few things I've painted recently!

Mayor Snakehand 

The fabulous Curtis of Ramshackle Games was generous enough to sculpt, cast and distribute his own Mayor of Helsreach to attendees at BOYL last month. I chose to paint my copy as a rather sinister and self-important individual, fond of intimidating dark clothing!

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Introducing Johnny Noggin, Notorious 'Sunk' Mutant

I do like making models as a result of external influences. Those suggestions that your mates make. The themed group projects. The online community competitions.

This latest figure has been created for the 'Beware Mutants' competition on the Emporium of Rogue Dreams Facebook group (the same group that hosted the Abdul Goldberg competition last year).

The rules for the 'Beware Mutants' competition are simple:
  1. Make a single figure
  2. It needs to be a mutant (use random mutant generator chart in Rogue Trader if you like)
  3. It needs to be a newly created figure
  4. Submit pre- and post- paint photos
  5. Provide a backstory
I rolled up a single mutation for my mutie, which turned out to be a pin head.

Excellent. That sounds like fun! Here's the resulting mutie:

Johnny Noggin - a pin headed mutie with a rather natty sense of style!

Choose Your Own Adventurers #7: Cinereal Jeannie, Inquisitional Psyker

Cheetor excelled with the selection of his Grace Jones lookalike in the last instalment of Choose Your Own Adventurers. My next selection, also part of Inquisitor Clousseau's retinue, is a rather beautiful and delicately sculpted figure from the Adventurers range: the Psyker.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Olivia Neutron-Bomb - A One-Woman Army

Forward Recon Troopers are elite scout specialists. They are lone operatives, trained for stealth commando missions and surveillance deep behind enemy lines. Olivia Neutron-Bomb is one of the Imperial Army's highly skilled FRTs. Like all FRTs, she is equipped with a heavy automatic pistol, a light back-up pistol and several concealed blades. Her customised support pack is equipped with an auto-grenade dispenser and lightweight auxiliary servo arm alongside the more usual life-support mechanisms, supplies, spare ammunition and medi-pak.
Olivia's particular speciality is removal of key enemy individuals - competent officers, clever strategists, charismatic talisman troopers or innovative battlefield engineers. By eliminating such individuals, enemy morale and efficiency is greatly reduced. Olivia's trademark is to decapitate the target and bring back the bloody head as proof of a successfully completed mission.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

BOYL 2017 (Part 3) - Sunday Gaming

This is the third and final overview of my weekend at the Bring Out Your Lead event at Foundry. After a packed Saturday, I'd left Sunday completely unplanned to allow for socialising and perhaps a pick-up game. In the event, I ended up playing in a superb multi-player game of Rogue Trader with some of the guys from the Friday gaming, plus Alex from Leadballony and Aiden from Warfactory.
We worked on the principle of 'put what you have down on the table', which lead to a motley crew of Space Pirates and mercenaries teaming up with underhive scum, Hrud and orks with a huge walker. Opposing these villainous types were two factions of Imperial Guard, supported by a squad of Adeptus Arbites, an Imperial gunship and two squads of Eldar.
Setting up the table.

BOYL 2017 (Part 2) - Saturday Gaming

Very possibly you'll already seen some of the excellent BOYL 2017 coverage elsewhere on the net (try Crucium Giger or Dear Tony Blair or Shadowkings), but it only seems right and proper that I give an overview of my weekend. After a Friday of fun at Warhammer World, I arrived with Erasmus Papafakis ready for gaming.



First order of the day was to see how Olivia had cast. Who's Olivia? Olivia is the commemorative event figure, sculpted by John Pickford for the event, and cast by Foundry. I took on the task of organising the sculpting and liaising with John.

BOYL 2017 (Part 1) - Shadow War: Armageddon at Warhammer World

With what now seems like it's a tradition, myself and a group of fellow gamers headed to Warhammer World on Friday just past as an appetiser to the annual Oldhammer event 'Bring Out Your Lead', hosted by Wargames Foundry in Newark.

The Friday meetup at Warhammer World provides us with a different vibe, an opportunity to play some subtly different games, and a chance to meet with Nottingham-based folks who aren't able to make it to the main event over the weekend.

Antipixi refreshes himself of the rules.