Monday 28 December 2015

A Hobby Review of 2015

This is now the 3rd complete year of blogging about my hobby output. Without wanting to sound too self-congratulatory, it feels like the most rounded year I've had since I first picked up the hobby. I'm enjoying painting and modelling more than ever. I've managed to play some excellent games. I'm still collecting fun ranges and cool pieces of artwork.

A choir of Astropaths.

At the end of 2014, I set myself 3 ambitions relating to painting/modelling, collecting and gaming. To summarise, I wanted to:

- Round out my figure collection for RT/Confrontation, in particular civilians.
- Paint at least 40 varied and interesting figures.
- Play as many quality games as possible.

Monday 21 December 2015

Rogue Quest Expansion: The Ranger - Algaarg, Xenos Tracker for Hire

OK, this really is the last figure of 2015! I don't have any more spare evenings between now and the New Year, but I did manage to paint up this guy on Friday evening while my wife was out at her Christmas work do.
This last figure for the year also rounds out the Rogue Quest adventuring party, with all the original classic archetypes represented. Ironically, I've always identified with Rangers more than any of the other classes. The only real reason for leaving the Ranger to last was because I hadn't got round to finishing the conversion!


The model I selected for my Ranger isn't really of the same vintage as the rest of the warband, having been assembled from the torso of a Mutie raider (produced for the Gorkamorka expansion, Digganob, in 1998). The legs are somewhat more modern, coming from the plastic Skitarii kit, while the armour and satchel om his hips are again from Victoria Miniatures. I added a backpack from Denizen miniatures, then covered all the joins with greenstuff. He also got a spacer of plasticard to elongate the torso.

Dodgy phone pics of the unpainted conversion.

And the rear, with some filler sculpting on the satchel.

Friday 18 December 2015

Rogue Quest Level 12 and a half: The Fighter - Vitifer Vostro Goedes

Although the Rogue Quest project came to an end last week, after 12 weeks of alternately working on models with Asslessman over at Leadplague, I see no reason to stop adding to the adventuring party. I didn't do a Ranger or a Fighter after all!
And then I acquired this rather sad looking figure:
Yes - the figure above is a Maniac ganger from the Citadel Confrontation range. He should have a head and was designed to be completed with plastic arms. Sometimes a figure in a partially adapted state can prove pretty inspiring, and almost immediately after receiving the figure, I started delving in my bits boxes for suitable heads and arms. After some careful selection and assembly, I ended up with the figure below:

Monday 7 December 2015

Rogue Quest Level 12: The Paladin - Gondamer Rossal

All good things must come to an end, and this update represents both the end of my painting for 2015 (probably), and the end of the collaborative 'Rogue Quest' project I've been working on over the last 12 weeks with Asslessman over at Leadplague.
Over that 12 week period we have mutually encouraged and supported each other in the creation of a new group of futuristic adventurers - figures which most likely would not have otherwise been painted - themed along the lines of traditional RPG character archetypes. My final figure for my 6-strong band is Gondamer Rossal, my Paladin, based on the Citadel LE10 Limited Edition Power Armour Marine, sculpted by Bob Naismith.
At first glance, Gondamer Rossal might appear to be a typical deep-space mercenary, with his worn and battered power armour. But those who have opportunity to consider the man further might determine that battered appearance of his armour comes from constant combat, not from neglect. They might note the powerful multi-laser and remark on its unusual configuration. They might wonder at the mysterious 'P' and 'A' emblazoned on his jump pack. They might even note the zealous light, blazing in Rossal's eyes.
For Rossal is a warrior of faith. A warrior sworn to unceasing staunch defence of his race. A learned man might know of the Praetego Antiqua - an order devoted to the protection of mankind. A learned man might know too much...  

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Prepare for boarding action - Imperial Navy Armsmen Priestman and Stilley

There are many occasions when a naval officer would need a pair of henchmen. Hired muscle, guards to a vital control centre, jailors, sentries...the list goes on. After painting up my Fleet Officers a few weeks ago, the logical next step was to make some goons for the officers to order around.
Bubbling to the surface of my mind were the two soldierly chaps standing to attention in the Martin McKenna illustration below.

The base models for my Armsmen were the PR11 Imperial Guardsmen (commonly known as 'Cadian at Ease') - these were promotional figures available at several Games Workshop events in the early 2000s.

PR11 Imperial Guardsmen (image from Stuff of Legends).