Friday 17 November 2023

Flight of the Navigator - BOYL 2023 Event Miniature

A fantastic event miniature is just one of the many delights of the annual Bring Out Your Lead gaming get together. The figure is given out for free to all attendees and is only available on the event weekend. We have alternated between fantasy and sci-fi figures over the years, and this year saw the first ever multipart model in the form of a sci-fi navigator sculpted by Tim Prow.

I finished painting up my copy at almost the exact same time as Asslessman over at Leadplague (complete coincidence). The bonus is that you can check out another lovely paint job on the figure

I went for the same colour scheme that I've used on all my navigators to date, and I'm very pleased with the striking results:

I added the ring on his right hand with greenstuff to cover a minor casting flaw.

I attempted to give the model the illusion of floating with a short piece of brass rod connecting to the base.

The model itself was based on some fantastic concept sketches by Mr Saturday:

Tim added some animation to the pose and put some real character into the face:

Fun fact - the navigator has 'BOYL 2023' scribed onto his backside!

The sculpt was cast by Foundry as two separate pieces (navigator plus hover chair).

My navigators to date.

Planning for the trip through the void.


  1. He's wonderful, I like the sinister look of your navigators and that last shot with the one looking in the distance is just perfect, I hope Denis Villeneuve reads your post.

    1. I'm sure Denis has plenty of sources of inspiration, but that would be fun 😀

      Cheers JB!

  2. Oh, I've just seen JB's work too, so it's really great to immediately see such a different take on the same item. I really like the contrast effect and the whole mini itself. Delightful work!

    1. I really enjoyed JBs colour scheme - it wouldn't have occurred to me to use those colours & it changes the vibe completely.

  3. I'll check out JB's version next.

    Love yours though and I think the ring should have been part of the original sculpt, it looks very natural on that hand.

    1. Thanks Dai! The ring was a simple addition, but it solved a problem and ended up looking OK!