Wednesday 28 October 2015

Rogue Quest Level 6: The Bard

Recruitment continues for my sci-fi adventuring party, based on the concept of classic dungeoneering archetypes. After JB's crisp and clean Paladin, this week it's my turn yet again. And I've turned to my favourite 40k races and one of my very favourite models to represent the next addition - a bard.
I knew from the outset that a) I wanted a bard and b) I was going to make my bard of an elven bent. In a slight fit of concern, I watched closely as Alex over at Leadballoony revealed his very similar take on the bard archetype, but happily he chose a different model, leaving me free to continue as planned.
My selected model is Taal Spellsinger, a musician from the original 40k Space Elf / Eldar command group selection. Taal not only carries a rather exotic set of weaponry (hand flamer, katana), but also sports an even more exotic musical instrument in the form of a voice amplifier. 

Monday 26 October 2015

Wrench and rivet gun - the maintenance crew

Reg 'Pops' Dwight is clearly a man who needs a crew - some willing (but not necessarily bright) chaps to order around and do all the awkward or dirty jobs.
With that in mind, I procured a set of 'Jim and the Fix It Crew' by Four A Miniatures. In due course I'll paint the third member of the crew, but for now I've got a nice pair of dockers / engineers / spaceship crewmen for Pops to take charge of.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Rogue Quest Level 4: The Rogue

It's level up time in Rogue Quest - the collaborative painting / modelling / gaming project I'm working on in partnership with JB/Asslessman over at Leadplague. My first character was my female Barbarian, Dy-ana.

After JB's very nice wizard from last week, I've taken up the baton yet again with my next adventurer. I was very keen from the outset that I would reflect some of the species diversity common to dungeoneering parties. Although human adventurers are typically well represented, dwarf fighters, elf rangers and even half-orc barbarians add real spice to the mix.

I knew that I wanted to include a squat in my party. Rather than make my squat a traditional barbarian or fighter character, I decided my short-beardy fellow would be a more subtle individual, playing the part of a rogue / thief.

Dwarf Rogue

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Genetically engineered super trooper - the Afriel strain

Over the last 4 months or so I've been involved in a very entertaining Inquisimunda campaign (28mm scale Inquisitorial warbands played with the Necromunda rules). My warband, led by radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Dirske, is comprised of bizarre mutants and daemonic entities.

Dirske has proven himself to be a) cowardly and b) a pretty poor fighter. He now tends to take a strategic view of most engagements (i.e. hanging at the back and watching the others do the fighting!). One minor fly in the ointment, is that members of the warband keep on getting themselves killed. And I don't mean through bad rolls on the serious injury table either; I mean being eaten or obliterated in-game. Thoroughly, irreversibly, dead.

This didn't end well for Scrat!

Scrat, my first ratling assassin, was eaten by a draconid Hex Wyrm in dense jungles (whilst trying to steal one of its eggs) - see above. His replacement, Sneek, was eaten by an unknown monster which snatched him from the shadows. HIS replacement (Sculk), was killed by a haywire robot on a space station. Thankfully, ratling assassin #4 - Snak (note the name) is still fighting fit. Unfortunately, my poor, stupid, two-headed mutie Gron-Slom died in my most recent game. He was eaten by the same (or possibly related) monster that snacked on Sneek.