Friday 21 April 2023

Stargrave Campaign: The Unreal Engine

You'll have read about the creation of my Stargrave crew over the last 6 weeks or so, and it was really great to meet up with a bunch of great friends last weekend to play our Stargrave campaign: Unreal Engine. We were hosted by Underworld Gaming in Dublin, and 10 of us (including: Mr Saturday, Asslessman, Alex from Leadballoony, cheetor, Curis and others) travelled variously from the UK, France, Finland and of course Ireland to play on some great tables, each set up for a specific Stargrave scenario or custom scenario.

Some of the crews that took part

Asslessman has already put up a great summary of the weekend, and some nice game reports, so I won't repeat it.

Mr Saturday has already put up a fab video on Instagram of all of the crews, which is way better than any of the photos I took!

Instead I'll just give you a flavour of the games I played with some photos I took with a sub-standard phone camera!!

Curis and I were beaten by the Overgrown Factory, and not by each other!

Kraile Trading Inc. was no match for the ABC Warriors (there were zombies too!)

A great fun 4-way game on a Derelict Warship

Getting too close to spaceships in Starport Raid!

Asslessman's brilliant set-up for the Data Vault.

Fighting off a ferrox in the Broken Fence

If you've not tried Stargrave yet, there's a lot to recommend it. It uses many of the same rules mechanisms to Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago (both also from Osprey and Joseph A. McCullough) and has the right feel for a small warband/crew skirmish game. It is miniatures agnostic and has a flexible crew building mechanism, meaning that you can easily find figures to use. It is also quick and relatively easy to play.

There are some caveats though - the games are all loot-driven and the scenarios could do with some other ways to end them (other than collecting all the loot or killing your opposing crew). Like any ruleset, there are some niggles with rules not being entirely clear, and the rules layout could be more logical / have better flow.

Those niggles aside though, if you've always wanted to get a space rogue and his gritty crew onto a table and play some fun narrative-driven games, then you should definitely give Stargrave a go! We definitely had a blast playing it in Dublin.


  1. The pics look awesome, it certainly looks like you all had a great time! Really cool to see, I do need to test Stargrave!

    1. We certainly did have fun! Hope you get chance to check it out.

  2. fantásticas minis y escenarios

  3. I really *need* to acquire ready-made terrain pieces now so I can set up a decent board...right now it's just boring 😔