Friday 31 March 2017

Ramshackle Crates

A few weeks ago I had a game with Curtis from Ramshackle Games. "Would you like some test casts of some crates I've made?" he said. 

The answer, was of course, yes!

So what did Curtis give me? A selection of lovely new resin crates in three varieties - space spice crates, mining stillages and ammo boxes.

Unpainted crates

Tuesday 28 March 2017

+++ They Came From Beyond the Warp +++

Prologue: The Enemy Without

Some duties are heavier to bear than others. Guarding the Astropathic Temple of the Benevolent Listeners based on the planet Eccebestus is one many guards of the Beelraphon system aspire to. The planet is as peaceful and welcoming as the task and the Astropaths are dull.
It is such a quiet life here, it almost looks odd. Some would even wish for problems to occur to make it look more "normal". The answer to this might have arisen when an Astropath collapsed this morning without any explanation. His last words were "Don't let them take ANY of us with them...". From the agitation outside it seems there's another matter too. Things are getting way too "normal" all of a sudden. That's one hell of a report you're going to have to send to HQ...
My good friend JB (aka Asslessman) has conceived an international, multi-game system narrative campaign, incorporating games of Rogue Trader, Space Crusade, Space Hulk, Space Fleet and possibly others. I believe some of these games will be played at Bring Out Your Lead 2017 at Wargames Foundry in July. JB asked if myself and another good friend, Graham, would like to start off the whole thing with a small scale skirmish using the Inquisimunda rules. Of course we would!

Friday 24 March 2017

The Monastery of the Benevolent Listeners

Only a few short weeks ago I made a nice new piece of terrain in the form of a fringe-world homestead. I happened to suggest it might also make a suitable Astropathic Monastery.

And then it just so happened that Asslessman was writing a scenario for a game between my friend Graham and myself. "An astropath temple would be cool to have" he says, "your dome/temple with statues and other things around would be grand".

Now I happened to have some statues already that I've used in the odd scenic set-up:

But they hadn't really been properly finished off. Time to sort out the statues and "other things" and turn the homestead into a temple.

Monday 13 March 2017

Aegis Arising - The Gun-Cutter

I've wanted a small aerial / space transport for a little while. I have a shuttle or two, but I was after something in the vein of the gun-cutter utilised by Inquisitor Eisenhorn in Dan Abnett's excellent novels. Although there are the boxy Thunderhawks, Storm Eagles and all their variants, I didn't want something so recognisable. Similarly, Imperial Guard Valkyries are excellent, but they're clearly not space-worthy. By chance, I mentioned this to a friend. By chance he happened to have access to the Mantic Accuser Interceptor from their recent Warpath Kickstarter (I believe these aren't yet on general release).

Mantic Accuser Interceptor render.

Monday 6 March 2017

The Alien Delegation Arrives - Space Slann

A pair of officials waited nervously in the disembarkation hall. They ignored the pilgrims, merchants and leisure travellers. They were here to greet a more distinguished visitor. The diplomatic talks with the xenos emissary, Barcoon Krobosh, would profoundly impact on the future prosperity of the Colony.

Newly off the painting table are a trio of aliens which have probably evolved from amphibious ancestors. First up is Barcoon Krobosh, the Amphiran Emissary from Colony 87 miniatures. This wonderful high-ranking alien was sculpted by Michael Anderson and is bedecked with ornaments of office.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Homestead 23 - A New Terrain Set

At some point last year, I found myself driving up to Scotland for work. My route happened to take me past the infamous Graham's Weurkshoppe in Gateshead - a treasure trove of primarily second hand wargaming items. I happened to spy a good-sized dome of polystyrene, four added sizes. It was covered in polyfilla and had been topped with a large turned wooden knob. Clearly it had originally been made as a mosque for a middle-eastern setting. I parted with a small sum of money and took it away, intent on turning it into some suitable for a science fiction setting.
Over the last fortnight, I've been busily adding some details to the base building, as well as adding some painted dirt and grime. The end result is a nice fringe world building I'm calling Homestead 23. I've taken some scenic shots with of Homestead 23 with a range of scatter terrain for extra atmosphere!
The inhabitants of Homestead 23 are largely self sufficient, with astmospheric vaporators, a small holding and extensive fuel supplies.