Friday 24 May 2024

Inq et nunc - 54mm Servitor Mono-152

Inquisitor (published by Games Workshop in 2001) is a fiendishly complex table-top RPG, with figures that at 54mm scale do not fit with anything else in my collection. Not many people play it. Having enough terrain is a constant issue. Games Workshop's figures are long out of print, and there is a real dearth of suitably-sized and styled sci-fi miniatures from other manufacturers. There is absolutely no justification that warrants spending time to make and paint anything for Inquisitor. Except that maybe, just maybe, I want to because I fancy doing it.

In terms of my Inquisitor gaming history, I was totally enthused when the game was published and built and painted a hooded, powerfist wielding Inquisitor (I sadly no longer have him). Some time after that, I made a small group of 54mm Eldar (I still have them; chipped & missing bits). Then I left Inquisitor alone for at least 15 years, possibly as long as 20 years. But after chatting with buddies Asslessman and Antipixi, it seemed that we all had a bit of an Inquisitor itch to scratch. I'm not sure how far I'll get with this project - I'm currently working on about half a dozen figures. I might make and paint 1, or 3 or even more depending on how enthused I end up!

Mono-152 goes on a pre-progammed rampage

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Whistle for the Big Dog - Final Dogskin gangers

A final pair of gangers to bring my Confrontation dogskin gang up to ten members strong. This means that I can field them as a Stargrave crew, and have just about enough members for a short Necromunda campaign.