Tuesday 25 June 2019

Deep Space Salvage Crew

In anticipation of playing on Nico's amazing 3D Space Hulk board in a few weeks time, I've been working on a squad to use in the game.

I would be required to use a standard 5-man Space Hulk Terminator squad comprising 1 Sergeant, 3 Terminators with storm bolters and 1 Terminator with a heavy flamer. I wanted to try and put together a proxy unit rather than run with standard Terminators, so I rooted through my boxes and found some unloved Limited Edition LE10 Power Armoured Marines sculpted by Bob Naismith. Having already converted and painted one of these as my Rogue Quest Paladin a few years back, I figured a full squad would tick the right boxes.

My Rogue Quest Paladin Gondamer Rossal.

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Traversing the Wastes - a Nomadic Rider

After all the pressure to get my chaos warband finished, I turned my attention to something in a different vein. The latest model I've completed is for another game at Bring Out Your Lead at Foundry in August - this time an Ash Wastes rider on his racing steed.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Path to Damnation (Part 7) - Enter the Chaos Champion

The journey of a Champion of chaos is long and convoluted, and that pretty much describes the process I undertook in the creation of my Chaos Renegade and leader of his merry band of Khornate followers.

When I first rolled up the Renegade, his attributes included a bloodletter face and horns, along with a pretty underwhelming sword and bolt pistol combination. My immediate plan was to use on of the lovely Jes Goodwin champions: