Wednesday 30 October 2019

The Big Building In The Next Street - A Scenic Backdrop

In my most recent post about some new Fogou Models buildings, you may or may not have noticed the big building in the rear of the scene. Check it out - the one with the blue door:

If you didn't notice, that's fine. It's just a simple scenic backdrop that I quickly put together to stand behind my street scenes.

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Bringing Colour to the Slums - New Fogou Buildings

You may have seen some of my previous buildings from Fogou Models, including several post-apocalyptic / sci-fi adobe houses and the fantastic Fort Hardknox. Fogou buildings are beautifully detailed and cast in a robust dense resin. I was delighted to hear that there is a new range of adobe buildings planned for a forthcoming Kickstarter.

The new buildings are designed to be genre neutral - suitable for ancient, modern or even sci-fi gaming, and I was delighted to be offered some pre-production samples to paint up. I was supplied with some larger two-storey buildings which can also be disassembled to use as two separate buildings. The interiors are also nicely detailed and the roofs removable, should you wish to use the interior for gaming. 

Johnny and Wulf tackle some ruffians in search of the next pay cheque.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Final Brat? A Xenos Fusilier

Little did I imagine in 2014, when I started assembling a Confrontation Brat gang, that I would revisit the project sporadically over the next five years. But that it what has happened - I've assembled and painted an 18-strong brat pack, as well as a biker brat and the Bratmobile. The pack includes all five unreleased brats, both limited edition brats, a bunch of conversions, and, as of this week, all three of the standard release brats.

To all intents and purposes, I pretty much consider this project now complete as I have enough figures and a nice variety of weaponry for most Necromunda campaigns. I also don't have any more brats that I can chop up for the cause!