Thursday 27 April 2023

Dress a Willy - A New Radneck

A few weeks ago Galapalus Silvestris (@thestilltower on Instagram) posted some pics of his brilliant Willy sculpt with the invitation to #dressawilly:

The original sculpt was conceived by Galapalus as a gretchin proxy for a 2nd ed ork army: "I thought it would be cool to have some human 'volunteers' to fight for the Waaagh in exchange for their lives".

The green of the sculpt.

Galapalus cast up some copies of the green, and then kindly offered to post them out to folks who were interested in converting or sculpting some clothing on the figure (hence #dresswilly).

This is exactly the kind of project that I like to get involved with, so I put up my hand and was sent a beautifully proportioned naked Willy to play with. I have to admit, that I like the original sculpt a lot, and it was very tempting just to paint the figure unmodified!

It didn't take long for me to formulate a plan to incorporate Willy into my inbred wasteland-dwelling and sometime chaos worshipping radneck* clan.

*cheetor's term, happily purloined

The conversion started with a pair of baggy y-fronts to cover Willy's naked member. Not from any concerns about nakedness in miniatures, just because I liked the idea of grubby white pants. I then sculpted a long sleeveless jacket that owes an awful lot to the look of the original Jes Goodwin scavvies.

The little tool was shaped from a thin strip of plasticard.

The gas mask is from Victoria Miniatures.

With the coat finished, I intended to leave it there, planning to use the gun as sculpted. I got as far as undercoating the model, before decided that I needed to push things a little bit further. I decided to swap out the weapons and to add a brand new hat.

Hat made from a circle of plasticard and some greenstuff.

Sawn-off shotgun: Confrontation weapon sprue; pick: Necromunda ratskin.

Much happier now Willy had a big hat and some low-grade weapons, I moved on to the paint.

All in all, I'm very happy with the results. He's a really characterful figure, and I think he fits in nicely with the rest of the family!

Thanks to Galapalus Silvestris (@thestilltower) for sending me a copy of the figure - really enjoyed having converting and painting it!



  1. What a fun idea and a great mini to work on.

    He most certainly does fit in with your wasteland family. I fear that tall hat will get blown off his head if he's out in a dust storm tho!

    1. Haha! Yes, poor hat choice for certain. Not sure if that's his worse fashion choice though!

  2. I was happy with the way it was all going, but then you turned the wheel and made it even better! What a fantastic initiative and awesome result!!

    1. Thanks Suber! I think it helped having a few days break between undercoating and painting - it gave me time to consider the look, and I realised I could push it more!