Monday 17 August 2015

2D to 3D: Creating an Eldar Adventurer

This is probably the last post for a few weeks as I'm heading off on holiday later in the week. I've managed to squeeze in one last project before I go however. This time it's a rather self-indulgent recreation of a character from the Rogue Trader rulebook, specifically the un-named Eldar Adventurer on p188:

Thursday 6 August 2015

Enter House Ulanti

Earlier, I took the opportunity to take some better photos of my winning entry into the BOYL 15 painting competition from the weekend.

I've showcased all the figures previously - they comprise Lord Greiss, Lady Greiss, bodyuard Eduardo Murat, Professor Barossus and Lope, the household huntsman. Although the models were linked through a common colour scheme, I wanted to tie them together with a display base. I decided on a very simple narrative of Lord and Lady Greiss leaving a doorway, accompanied by retainers.

Enter House Ulanti.

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Anarchy Reigns - My BOYL 2015 Experience

I spent most of my Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend just gone attending events linked to the Oldhammer community’s ‘Bring Out Your Lead 2015’ event, hosted by Foundry in Newark.

The year’s event was the 3rd year it has run, evolving from a small and informal gathering of folks, playing a handful of games in 2013, to a much larger informal gathering! The main thrust of the event is the playing and mutual admiration of Games Workshop’s games from the late 1980s and early 1990s, with figures from the same era or ethos. A dozen participation games were planned across the weekend, using rules as diverse as Warhammer 3rd edition, Rogue Trader, Space Hulk, Mordheim and Blood Bowl, not to mention fantastic large-scale games using custom rules, such as Warhammer Ahoy and the Deathrace. There also seemed to be plenty of pick-up games taking place over the course of the weekend, including Space Crusade, Heroquest and Necromunda.

My weekend started pretty early on Friday morning when I collected Irish Oldhammerers Paul S (cheetor) and John (Just John) from East Midlands airport. We made the run up to Newark to drop off cases at hotels, before heading back down to Warhammer World for a pre-BOYL meet up and game of Inquisimunda. After food and a good natter with Aussie traveller James (Captain Crooks), we ended up playing an entertaining 9-player game with two factions (radical and slightly less radical) competing to activate / destroy a teleport homer device. My Ordo Malleus crew teamed up with Graham (Greater Harlequin) and his genestealer cult, John with Space Santa plus little helpers and Chris (antipixi) with his ash waste nomads. Facing us down were Gadge with his rogue trader, Colin (Whiskey Priest) with an inquisitor, Paul (cheetor) with another inquisitor and JB (Asslessman) with his Sensei.
The lay of the land. Teleport homer located at the top of the tower.