Monday 30 September 2019

Off-World Contraband - A Necromunda Cold Trader

The Book of Judgement is the most recent supplement for Necromunda, covering law and disorder in the hives. One of the most fun elements is the coverage given to criminal alliances, allowing you to ally your gang with a criminal enterprise. In return for setting foot on the wrong side of the law, you gain the occasional help of your allies on the tabletop.

Cold Traders caught my eye the most - smugglers of off-world goods and exotic xenos artefacts. They are represented in-game by a smuggler shore-party, comprising a Cold Trader and his bodyguard.

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Chopper & Trader - Trollgrim Spacefarers

The lack of space trolls in the 40k universe is a glaring omission when you consider that so many other fantasy ranges were ported across. Space elves rub shoulders with space orcs, while space ogres try to avoid stepping on space halflings. Of course, lack of an official model doesn't stop people from making their own amazing space trolls (Mr Papafakis, I'm looking at you!).

All that said, I hadn't given much thought to my own space trolls until a couple of months ago when I stumbled on a sextet of Newbold World Trollgrim at a wargames show. I wouldn't blame you if you were unaware of Newbold World - it was (and still is) a world-building project, involving art, poetry, fiction and miniatures. For a brief period in the early 2000s, a small range of 45mm miniatures were produced, including Trollgrim sculpted by Bob Olley. The Trollgrim comprised 8 for a pulp-type setting and 6 spacefarers - you can check these out over at the Bob Olley Wiki. Needless to say, the Newbold World miniatures range is long OOP, although you can still check out the other elements of the setting over at DeviantArt.

So when I saw these fantastic figures priced at just £1.50 each, it was a no brainer to pick them up!

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Visage, Duchess of the Sutters - New Brat Leader

Tomorrow night is the first game of our new Necromunda campaign set in the settlement of White Spider Junction. As mentioned a few weeks back, I'll be using my Brat gang, counting as House Escher.

I had intended to use Beau Rouge (the unreleased Brat leader) as my leader for this campaign, but eventually decided that his combat orientated weaponry meant he was better suited as a champion. With Beau duly demoted, I needed to make a new leader with a bit more role flexibility - that's where Visage comes in!

Visage has come to usurp Beau Rogue as the prima donna of the Sutter Dukes. Known as the Duchess of the Sutters, she is at the forefront of fashion, with teaming ribbons and silks, and accompanied by her miniscule caryatid Wailer-of-Things. 

Wednesday 4 September 2019

One-Eyed Tentacled Slaver Aliens

Technically, these things should come in threes, and although I have a third on its way to me, I wanted to share this pair of newly painted monocular levitating alien beasts.

What you're looking at is a duo of rather nice resin sculpts which could easily proxy as psychic slavers in the retro science fiction wargame setting of your choice. The larger of the beasts is Cortex Eater from Crooked Dice that I was kindly sent a pre-production sample of. The smaller one is a fan-produced sculpt that was gifted to me well over 12 months ago. Whilst I'm rather embarrassed it took me so long to paint it up, I'm pleased that it is actually painted and not consigned to the shameful box of incomplete projects!