Wednesday 26 April 2017

The Jewel in the Skull - Hawkmoon and Oladahn

With Bring Out Your Lead 2017 starting to loom, I've put some time in to get some of the figures I need to bring completed. As revealed the other week over on the Scale Creep blog (and detailed further over at The Leadpile), we're planning an Eternal Champion-themed game, based around Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. Each participant will be bringing an incarnation of the Eternal Champion, accompanied by a suitable companion.

Asslessman has already painted Corum and Jhary-a-conel, and I suspect you'll see more Champions in the lead up to the event at the end of July.

I elected to paint up Hawkmoon, based on nothing more than the fact that I really like Jes Goodwin's 1985 Citadel sculpt. The delicate elf-like sculpt just hits all the right points.

Monday 10 April 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon - WIP Kill Team

So, the Shadow War: Armageddon game is out. I managed to pick up a set on Sunday, and it's 100% aimed at my sweet spot for gaming - small scale skirmish using a Necromunda-based ruleset.

My gaming group is planning a SW:A campaign for a few month's time. The only difficult decision was what to make. Old school RT scouts as marine scouts? Or Arbites as scouts? Or Zoats as Tyranids? Or Slann as Tau. Or, or, or???

Then I remembered these: