Tuesday 20 December 2016

A Hobby Review of 2016

As 2016 draws to an end, it's time to reflect on the year's hobbying. At the same time last year, I set myself some goals: fun games, enjoying modelling and painting. 

I had ambitions of Melniboneans and Pan Tangians Frostgrave warbands, Genestealer hybrids and Inquisimunda gaming. I also wanted to complete my Citadel and Iron Claw Space Pirates collections.

How did I do with these ambitions? Pretty well, I think! I painted up a Pan Tangian warband and flew across to Ireland to Knavecon to play Frostgrave (and other games) for a weekend with my fellow WIPsters.

Pulpy space adventure in the Dorty Double Dozen at Knavecon
Frostgrave goodness

Late night Brewhouse Bash action

The Water Tower

You know what it's like - you have a burst of energy making something, then it sits unloved on a shelf for 6 months.
I build this water tower ages ago, in about an hour. It's a simple construction from a tin can, some Necromunda bulkheads, plastic rod and a few resin details. And then it sat, gathering dust and occasionally falling on the floor when I knocked it. Until this week, that is!

40kthulhu: Chapter 4 - Old Friends

Something had possessed me to buy that oval stone, even though the very thought of it repulsed me. It sat now, in my pocket, like a malevolent toad in a damp hole. I pushed it out of my mind and paid new attention to the day's task: meeting the holo-vid recordist, Wyld.

I glanced at my wrist-chron - I was late! I swiftly made my way through the alley ways of Urkar to our pre-arranged meeting place at the Queen's Oasis - a well known kulfee house, with a reputation for high quality and exotic blends.

Monday 12 December 2016

Last of the Mohicans - Confrontation Maniac Leader

It's a nice thing when you close out a project, especially when it's for one of your favourite game settings, and one of your favourite ranges of figures.

In this case it's my Maniac Confrontation gang, and the neglected leader. The Maniac leader is a gorgeous sculpt - dynamic, crisply sculpted and packed with nice little details.

Saturday 10 December 2016

Delicious & Tender - Baby Grox

Grox burgers. Roast grox leg. Juicy grox rump steaks. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Not familiar with the delicious grox? Here's the summary from Rogue Trader:

Description of the humble grox, Rogue Trader rulebook.
And these vicious, yet tasty beasts look a little like this:

Tony Ackland's grox illustration, Rogue Trader rulebook.

Friday 9 December 2016

'Xhonni' Xhonzhon & Tsalli - Alien Fighter Ace

Interstellar and interspecies wars are undeniably characteristic of the 41st millennium. Some species rouse themselves to galaxy-spanning war with humans, Eldar or Orks. Others confine their attentions to small scale skirmishes contained within a single star-system. Mercenaries bolster stretched forces in return for coin. Space pirates seek plunder from the chaos.
The Starfighter pilot known as 'Xhonni' Xhonzhon is renowned throughout the Tamahl Sector as a brilliant pilot for hire. A member of the largely peaceful Batbayari race, Xhonzhon has incredible spatial awareness and fast reflexes that belie his endomorphic physiology. These are perhaps psychically or biochemically enhanced by the unusual orange-furred cat-like pet, Tsalli. His rugged heavy Starfighter 'Corona' is superbly armed and equipped: in the 73 minute Collar Ring action, Xhonzhon claimed 32 confirmed enemy Starfighters destroyed. Xhonzhon has a history of found supporting oppressed minorities to overthrow dictatorships, even in some instances offering his services for free. For a just cause, and assuming he can be found at the nearest pilot's dive, maybe the best Starfighter ace in the sector can be tempted to sign up.
Rebel pilot Neela Zhorabi attempts to persuade Xhonzhon to join the cause.

Monday 5 December 2016

Doing Some Heavy Lifting - SFD Giant Robot

In the 41st Millennium, circa 1987, Citadel decided to release a limited edition set of Giant Robots. Your imagination goes wild at the thought. These things should be ogre-sized at least. Or possibly, if they have been named correctly, giant-sized.

SFD Giant Robots (image from Stuff of Legends).

It is possible that Citadel created these figures for a Battletech licence (or perhaps a similar in-house game), because in actuality, these giant robots are anything but:

'Scavenger' is barely larger than the Eldar Ghost Warrior or Paranoia robot!