Thursday 20 July 2023

Bounty Hunters Back From the Future

I'll start off by saying that in general I'm not that keen on pop culture mash-ups. I prefer my Star Wars, Superheroes, Dune and Thundercats neatly compartmentalised and separate. Every so often, something happens and my willpower drops. I end up painting a RT pilot as Buck Rogers. Or a space pirate and weretiger as an alternate universe He-Man and Battlecat.

For no particular reason, I recently dropped my guard and ended up doing something I hadn't really intended, and is firmly in mash-up territory.

Notorious bounty hunters MJ MkFlay and The Doc

This pair hopefully need no introductions, but just in case they're based on Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future Part II. The Doc started out as a standard Confrontation Bounty Hunter. I converted him to have his pugilist stance using some bare plastic Confrontation ganger arms. 

You can just about see that I added a pistol to his empty left holster.

It wasn't until I came to paint the figure that I realised the likeness to Doc Brown (I've also subsequently found out I wasn't the first to pick up on this!).

A yellow coat, red shirt and white hair do most of the heavy lifting in giving the figure that iconic Doc Brown look!

After finishing The Doc, it was inevitable that I was going to make a Marty McFly. After some deliberation, I dug out a Citadel Judge Dredd perp (Kneepad Jones).

I removed the pistol from the right hand and pushed the right arm away from the body. A bit of greenstuff imitated Marty's Nike Air MAG sneakers.

The hoverboard was made from some shaped and bent plasticard. I also had to sculpt a new right hand and hair at the back of his head (the original model had a ponytail).

MJ MkFlay got a paint scheme to evoke Marty's look. Not entirely movie accurate, but close enough to give the right sort of feel!

The board pattern is simplified from the movie prop.

All in all, I like the results, even if they are a bit of a diversion from the usual feel of my figures. I enjoyed making and painting them, which is the most important thing I guess! Plus it gives me the excuse to take fun pics like this one:


  1. So frikken cool! I have that Bounty Hunter somewhere in my stash... What a great homage.

    1. Thanks Dai! He's a fab sculpt - I wish Roy Eastland had done more for GW. His faces are really characterful.

  2. Now we need a Robo-Biff for an adversary. "McFly, I thought I told you not to come around here again!?"

    1. Absolutely we do! I did try to see if I already had something suitable, but nothing immediately came to mind 😕

  3. Lovely work, as ever! Who knew that in an alternate universe, Marty McFly was played by Cillian Murphy!

    1. 😄😄 it's the cheekbones isn't it?!