Tuesday 29 March 2016

Storytellers and Mystics - Eldar Bonesinger

Jes Goodwin tells us with some authority that Eldar Bonesingers are mystics, psykers and priests to wraithbone. A Bonesinger is a "creator of [the starship's] wraithbone skeleton" and also a storyteller who recounts "the stories of those in the spirit stone[s]."

Eldar Starship Crew concepts by Jes Goodwin, published in White Dwarf 119.

Bonesingers therefore appear to be a combination of bard, priest and engineer. Creator of Eldar technology, link with the dead and an important conduit in terms of cultural continuity. In short, they are interesting characters with more depth than the future-delving Farseers or war-psyker Warlocks.

It made sense that my Eldar Pirate warband should include a Bonesinger, not only for the practicalities of caring for their ship, but also as a moderating factor to the warlike and wild crew.

Rarely does Lriael Spellsister set foot on the surface of any planet, so occupied is she with caring for the Wraithbone core and superstructure of the Shimmersand Hawk. Indeed, few of the Free Company seek her out, for she sings to the dead and wild souls do not wish to be reminded of their own mortality. 


Wednesday 16 March 2016

Man Skirts ARE In Vogue - Tal Newblade, Eldar Void Pirate

The problem with playing in an Inquisimunda (or Necromunda) campaign, is that you keep on earning money. You keep on wanting to spend it on new gear and new additions to your warband. Which means new models. OK, it's not really too much of a problem, but it does require some effort. A fortnight ago, I rolled up a free addition to my warband, by virtue of holding a settlement as part of my territory. Our campaign GM agreed this should be a basic Eldar character (a Rating in the Void Pirates list). I went away and rummaged amongst my Eldar spare parts and damaged figures, and put together this guy:
Tal Newblade is a rash youngster (a mere 93 years old). Considered to be somewhat hot-headed and impulsive by the rest of the Free Company, Tal is easily marked amongst his fellows by his rather garish fashion sense and unnecessarily flamboyant wargear.


Tuesday 15 March 2016

Jakrit the Half-Breed - Pan Tangian Archer

The sorcerers of Pan Tang are known to plunder hidden depths of forbidden knowledge. One particularly vile school of lore are the experiments which cross-breed humans with demons. Jakrit is an example of the less-extreme results of these experiments. He is heavily built and hunched, with a large head and protruding eyes. He is fortunate however, in being able to pass as human...

Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Guiding Hand - Pan Tang Officers

After a little break from my Frostgrave Pan Tang warband, I've painted up another couple of figures, this time representing the better fighters or officers. I imagine Pan Tangians to be ruled by a brutal and strongly hierarchical society. The military would be no exception - officers are the word of the gods, as far as their subordinates are concerned, no matter if this results in a soldier being needlessly incinerated by some kind of foul magic spell!
Pan Tangians battle Melniboneans - Stormbringer RPG by Chaosium Inc.
The two latest additions to the warband are just such men - masters of their own little empires; ambitious, amoral, petty and selfish. Thorkor (on the left), is a junior officer from the Pan Tangian marines. He wears the lighter armour and shorter tunic of the naval forces. Carkan Amit is the senior officer of the Soorkan ul'Kaarna's warband - the most experienced fighter, with a strong grip on the fate of his men.