Thursday 13 August 2020

Recruiting for the Citadel Guard - More Mordheim Additions

In my first post about my Lone Wolf Citadel Guard Mordheim / Frostgrave / generic fantasy skirmish project, I covered the first five models of the warband. I was hoping to round the warband out to a solid ten-strong, but have instead just completed another three models. Don't worry though, I have plans for at least another eleven models, including wizards, rangers, swordsmen, something smaller and something bigger!

This time round I've painted up a further trio of Guardsmen - a second champion, another halberdier and a swordsman:

Tuesday 11 August 2020

The Not Quite As Large But Hairier Alien

 A few weeks ago miniatures sculpting legend Bob Olley was selling some converted figures on eBay. At the time I didn't get round to bidding, but instantly regretted it. Carmine over at Indelible Inc. did bid however, and after completing a squad of 5 alien mercenaries based on WOTC Star Wars Yuzzem, had one spare. 

Check out Carmine's cool squad.

Carmine very generously offered it up for grabs in the Great Yuzzem Giveaway, and I ended up being the lucky recipient as I promised to include the model in my Super Hairy Alien Mercenary Squad.