Thursday 20 July 2023

Eternian Flame - Him Homme and Scaredy Cat

Note: This is a repost of a post from October 2017 that I posted on the Scale Creep blog.  

Back in August 2017, Asslessman proposed that we indulge in a bit of nostalgia with a group project in homage to the most heroic of 1980s heroes: He Man. These figures were my contribution.

He Man was The Man. He was tough. He was brave. He had a kick-ass sword and a fearsome tiger to ride around on. He fought against some pretty unpleasant bad guys and delivered wholesome moral lessons to the avid cartoon-watching children of the era. He is the perfect character to reimagine in 28mm for a different setting in a different universe...

The stars are plagued with space pirates and mercenaries, everything from large warbands to lone wanderers. Him Homme and his companion Scaredy Cat are two such drifters. It is rumoured that Him Homme was once a Big Deal. Those who have an inkling of his past say he might have been a prince. He is rumoured to have possessed a mighty power sword and protected the innocent and weak. But times change. Titles fall away and homes are destroyed. Swords are lost, as are notions of honour and justice. Him Homme is now just another muscle-bound mercenary, with a cowardly xenons companion - only concerned with self-preservation. 

Him Homme is an unreleased 40k Space Pirate. I believe it is a training is certainly, er, an interesting take on the theme. Happily he has all the right attributes to act as a facsimile of He Man; excellent musculature, furry boots, long hair etc.

Scaredy Cat is a converted pre-slotta Weretiger. I added the harness, belt, eyepatch (left eye, not obvious in the pics) kneepads and pistol. I didn't actually convert him up for this pair - he was done 6 months or so ago - but he seemed to fit the bill exactly.

After selecting the figures, it was just a case of painting them up in the required colour schemes. Him Homme got a blue casing on his lasrifle to evoke He Man's blue chest harness thing, while Scaredy Cat's gear is red to replicate the armour on Battlecat.

Flesh with brown and blue, green with yellow stripes and red gear. All bases covered!

Him Homme and Scaredy Cat take on Double-Trouble and Lashwhip!


  1. He-Man was definitely a huge thing in my younger years. I like this take, especially Scaredy Cat, though I think Him is missing out by leaving his fur underpants at home.

    1. Yeah, a loincloth doesn't quite cut it, does it?!