Monday 29 October 2018

Speaker of The Word - Chaos Cult Demagogue

Every Necromundan Chaos Cult is led by a Demogogue - that forceful and charismatic (or possibly underhand and scheming) personality that persuades, coerces or tricks people into following them. The Benevolent Brothers are no different, being led by the monk-like Jakob, brother to Wilhelm the witch.

Jakob walks the mutie slums barefoot, dispensing food to the hungry and blessings to those with bruised souls. The Cult of the Benevolent Brothers supports the oppressed mutie population, and in turn muties offer the Brothers their loyalty, their ferocity and their lives in pursuit of mutant rights.

I built Jakob many months ago from a selection of parts which resulted in a pretty unusual figure with a look of a holy man. I knew that in game terms I wanted him to carry a grenade launcher, but I didn't want to ruin the simple look of the figure, so I decided to give Jakob a servant (Wretch) to carry his equipment for him (possibly there is some irony that a cult leader dedicated to mutant rights is happy to have a slave-like figure attending him).

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Mobile Firepower - Eldar Scout Walker and Spotter

With the deadline of completing my Eldar scout kill team for the Old World Sprint Challenge looming, I figured it was high time to get on and finish the final two figures required. I needed to bring in one last Scout to meet the minimum requirement of 10 figures, as well as a "support element", which could be anything relevant to the unit - a Dreadnought, transport, heavy weapon or similar.

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Insidious Growth - More Chaos Cultists

The trouble with a cult is that it can grow. A charismatic leader and an attractive offering brings the desperate, vulnerable and weak-willed. I've recruited some more cultists to the Benevolent Brothers - this time a pair with autoguns and my first disciple, Grund.

The Benevolent Brothers door to door preaching.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

The Benevolent Brothers - A Cult for Mutants and their Supporters

Necromunda is home to all kinds of cults, Imperial devotees, sinister xenos bands and spire-based secret societies. Chaos cults are not unknown - there are those who seek (or are found by) dangerous and unpredictable powers. There are also those cults who provide havens for the unwanted, the lonely and the dispossessed. The origin of the Benevolent Brothers is rumoured to have been a soup kitchen run by a pair of missionary brothers, seeking to bring the light of the Emperor to the mutant slums of Borscht's Crack. No-one knows for certain what happened to the brothers, but the rise of the Benevolent Brothers, a cult of mutants and their human hangers-on, is led by a charismatic and eloquent pair of mutie brothers...

Chaos cultists stalk the streets of the underhive.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Eternal Wanderlust - Eldar Scout Characters

Part of the fun of Kill Team is including a wide range of individual specialist fighters. Whilst I'm limiting my Eldar Kill Team to the Ranger/Scout theme, that doesn't mean that I can't include proxies like my "grav platform" guy with his big gun. And like my illegal 2nd edition unit of Scouts with shuriken catapults, I see no reason why long rifles are the only weapons that an Eldar Scout would utilise.

Pathfinder Bres Ayvan leads his scouts through Imperial ruins.

So my next two additions are the leader of the Kill Team, and a guy with a handy special weapon. In game terms my leader, Bres Ayvan, represents a Dire Avenger Exarch (hence his shuriken catapult), and the fusion gunner is a Storm Guardian.