Monday 27 April 2020

Quick Crate Pile Detailing

I picked up an ebay lot of 16 pre-painted resin crates last week for under £10. Although completely usable as they were, I decided to spend a little time to add a little bit of weathering and detail.

Step 1: Sub-assemblies

As much fun as 16 individual crates can be, the reality is that most of the time I want more sturdy piles. Having some glued together means they're quicker to set up and more stable during a game.

I glued the crates into some useful blocks:

These can be stacked in a variety of different ways:

Step 2: Details & weathering

I added some stencils to give the sense that these have been marked up by the shipping company or merchant. The rectangle and triangle were cut out of a piece of scrap paper with a hobby knife, and then I stippled onto random surfaces with red paint using an old big brush.

I did the same thing on some crates with an off-white into a circle stencil (made using a hole punch). After the stencils, I used a scrap of blister foam to dab dark grey paint at random onto the crate surfaces, paying particular attention to the corners and edges.

Finally, I roughly stippled a dark brown on the bottom third of the crates to suggest some dirt and grime.

Finished Crates

The finished crates aren't going to win any painting competitions, but for a time investment of around 15 minutes, I'm pretty happy with the results.

Expect to see these appearing in scenic shots in the near future!

Monday 20 April 2020

The Holder of the Charter - Phal Kyri, Rogue Trader

Although I actually painted the Rogue Trader rogue trader a few weeks back, I've mentally repurposed him as a hard-nosed Inquisitor. So that left me with a vacancy for an actual miniature to represent a rogue trader. So I painted up a suitably imposing figure to fill the gap.

Rogue Trader Phal Kyri, escorted by her personal guard.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

An Eight-Legged Reptile with a Petrifying Gaze - The Basilisk

A basilisk is an extremely dangerous beast. Its gaze can petrify living creatures up to 10 yards away, and has been known to dissolve flesh and metal.

But who knew they looked so cute?!

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Let's Talk About Techs, Baby - Rogue Trader Techpriests

About this time of year, five years ago, I painted up Techpriest Zon from the Adventurers range (aka Telepath from the first 40k releases). He was painted up for a speed painting challenge, and I finished him in an hour. Overall, I was pretty happy with the outcome, but I always regretted painting him in a grey tunic (rather than a white lab coat) and giving him ridiculous yellow footwear.

So, lacking a focus for a particular project, I decided to grab a couple of models I fancied painting up - this time a pair of Rogue Trader Techpriests.

Techpriests attending to some a regular maintenance inspection.