Friday 20 September 2013

Time Travelling to Golden Demon 1989...

Maybe the picture goes wavy and a harp starts playing. Or perhaps you hear the sound of the TARDIS materialising. Either way, you've time-travelled back to 1989 to see the Golden Demon entries for that year. Hang on, there's no need - you just need to pick up a second-hand copy of the Fantasy Miniatures book:

This cracking  book has 38 pages of Golden Demon entries, all of them painted in the lush bright colour schemes of the time. Many of the figures are also stupendidly crazy conversions - just take a look at some of the sample pages.

A selection of models by studio personnel - some you will recognise from the pages of White Dwarf.

Just look at some of these conversions. Note the complex conversions on show, in some cases 4 or 5 donor models are used.

Standard bearer entries. Who would have thought of turning a Blood Bowl Fran N Stein model into a sci-fi standard bearer? Steve Wingate, that's who! That kind of concept probably wouldn't even get considered these days.

Some of the winners, including the Slayer Sword winning Nurgle Chariot by Steve Blunt - just an insane model. I can't even work out what some of the base models are!
 I picked up this copy recently, to replace my pre-existing copy which had a damaged spine. As a little bonus, this copy was signed - I don't know who by, but I'm sure someone will know!

Mystery signature #1. Definitely an 'A' there - Andy Jones? Adrian Smith? Anyone know?

Mystery signature #2. I'm betting on John Blanche for this one
 Mystery signature #2 has some remarkable similarities to the etched signature on the boxes of John Blanche's Femme Militant range:

OK - who's an expert in comparing handwriting?
I do need to get round to picking up the 1988 and 1990 Fantasy Miniatures books to add to my 2002 book and some of the less exciting White Dwarf inserts from later years, but that's just the completist in me.

Do get in touch if you recognise the penmanship!

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    I'm not jealous...
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