Thursday 12 September 2013

The Curse of Poor Attention Span - My Discarded Blood Bowl Teams

I'm guessing many of us suffer from the same problems; lack of focus, short attention span and changing interests. Blood Bowl is my favourite game and I have a strong desire to make good selection of interesting and unique teams. I think I've succeeded this with a couple of my completed teams, but my ambition is always a bit greater than my completion rate. In management babble, I'm a poor completer-finisher!

Actually, the post title is probably not entirely fair - I don't generally discard projects...sometimes it just takes me a while to get round to finishing them.

So here they are then; my WIP Blood Bowl teams, in most cases left by the sideline as something else comes along:

Here's the grand list:
  1. Chaos Dwarves: created from 2nd edition Blood Bowl and some classic WHFB Chaos Dwarves. The paint job was a pain in the neck and I stopped after finishing the paint job on just 4 models.
  2. Dark Elves: with no fully completed models to date, the 6 here are backed up by another pile of donor lead!
  3. Slaanesh Chaos Pact: I already made this team once, wasn't happy with the results and sold it. The pile here is the source material which is completely untouched.
  4. Werewolves: One conversion complete, 15 more to go.
  5. Harpies: 8 models here fully converted and ready for a paint job, with a couple more to go. Features a head custom sculpted by Bob Olley specifically for this team.
  6. Snakemen: 2 complete models plus another 3 ready for some greenstuff. Each model is an absolute nightmare to convert, requiring stupid amounts of cutting...hence why only 5 have been started.
  7. Nurgle: Yet another pile of donor models just waiting to be tackled!
The critical thing is that come May 2014, one of these teams needs to be completed for me to take to the NAF Championship. All have their merits - some will play better, some will be more interesting conversions. I just need to work out which one to bring into circulation and actually finish off!


  1. Ahaha,

    Don't worry mate, we are all the same, Blogging is a good thing in that case since you tend to feel a bit guilty about not finishing anything (yet you still are accomplishing great things).
    I love that particular moment when I decide to finish some "almost finished" models and I just ad the few details missing, the varnish and static grass, then I have this achievement feeling which is sooooo good.
    Getting distracted i spart of this hobby and I believe it's a good thing actually, it means our hobby mojo is still up !

  2. Great way of looking at it! Blogging gives me motivation, and distractions are beneficial - nice one!