Monday 9 September 2013

My 'Bring Out Your Lead' Experience

It was with great sadness that at 1.20pm on Saturday 31st August I departed the Oldhammer 'Bring out your lead' event at Foundry. As I left, Tony Hough was in full swing talking through his fabulous portfolio, Padre was co-ordinating some dispicable pygmy action in the Rumble in the Jungle game, and the whole venue was a riot of miniatures not seen on a table-top for several decades.

Tony Hough (L) enthralls Orlygg (R)

The rest of a fabulous weekend beckoned, and I had a wedding anniversary garden party and my own daughter's birthday party to occupy me for the next day and a half.

Happily, I did get to squeeze in a fun game of Blood Bowl v Skarsnik & Old Lead in Harry's wonderfull stadium (not technically Oldbowl as we forewent classic rules in favour of the more modern streamline version). I did get to listen to Tony Hough talk about some of his artwork, and I did get to say hello to some of the other fine chaps there on the day.

My Skaven take on Skarsnik's Humans
Most importantly, I took away from the event a validation that there are other people (lots of other people) out there who enjoy the same things I do; classic models, a narrative approach to gaming, beautiful conversions, great background and superb artwork.

I very much look forward to the next Oldhammer day!


  1. Fantastic event wasn't it? Jealous about you playing in Harry's stadium!

  2. Yup - was great! All that stadium needs is a big crowd of spectators :)