Wednesday 4 September 2013

I couldn't resist getting started - Bee Knight Progress

In spite of the pile of other projects sitting on my desk, I tend to get a little distracted by anything new. That selection of components for my Bee Knight was sitting begging to have some attention, and when I found myself with a spare hour this afternoon, I broke out the modelling tools.

The concept for this figure is that he's a Tzeentch Champion, with a tame hive of enchanted bees. There will be some back story to come, but it gives you the general flavour.

The knight will be mounted on a Tzeentch creature of some kind and will be equipped with all sorts of bee paraphenalia. This is where I got to this afternoon:

Hopefully it gives you a flavour of where I'm headed. The mount needs to have the head and neck joined to the body, as well as some work to remove some of the original Kroot elements. My Bee Knight himself has had the legs of a chaos knight mated with the torso of a Mordheim freelance knight. The freelance knight's hat is the perfect shape for beekeeper don't you think?
In front of the knight are two little scenic elements - a bee hive made from the red wooden bead in the original picture, wrapped with string. I've also scratch built a smoker from bits cut from an old pen (I just need to add the bellows with some greenstuff).
Stay tuned for more progress when it happens!


  1. What is the head from? It looks familiar. Love the beehive!

  2. Its from a Lord of Change kindly donated by Aiteal.