Wednesday 4 September 2013

Starting the blog

Firstly, hello! Some of you guys may know me from the Blood Forums or perhaps Talk Fantasy Football or one of several other forums I frequent. For some years now I've been commenting on my various modelling and gaming projects in silo fashion (Blood Bowl on TFF, Inquisitor on The Conclave, Warhammer 40k on Dakka Dakka or Warseer).

It's been the rise of the Oldhammer movement, and the community on Blood forums that has really changed my attitude to how this hobby fits together. It turns out there are plenty of other folks out there who prefer old school Citadel miniatures from a broad 'golden age' ranging (depending on who you speak to) from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Over this period, Games Workshop set the foundations for many of the key classic tabletop games; Warhammer, Rogue Trader, Blood Bowl, Space Marine and others.

My particular interest is modelling small groups of figures; Hive gangs, Blood Bowl teams, warbands and the like, so this blog aims to chart what I do and when. I can't claim it will have any structure. it probably will have a high proportion of abandoned projects. But it might be interesting!

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