Wednesday 11 September 2013

Beekeeping Hats for Beekeeping Knights - Bee Knight Progress

Yet more greenstuff has gone into the Bee Knight, with a smidge more progress. I've now repaired the damage from all the cutting, primarily filling in the gap at the Knight's waist.

I've also created a protective veil to his beekeeping hat that I'm relatively satisfied with. What you now see is the third attempt to make this, the previous two having got me very frustrated and were subsequently discarded.

With the addition of the lance, the Knight is really coming together. A suitable shield and he'll have a bit more weight to him, but I quite like the skinny look he's got compared to the more traditional bulk Chaos Knights tend to have.

Here's what he looks like perched atop his mount:

I'm looking forward to painting him as I plan to use some nice bright Tzeentchy colours. At the moment he looks a bit drab and monochrome don't you think?!

The last part of the conversion is to make him a nice looking saddle. I'm considering adding some sort of leering chaotic faces to really make it old school. Hopefully I'll be able to show you how I got on if it's successful!


  1. The rider is awesome!!! Great work Mr Axiom /Hans

  2. Really like the protective net. I agree with what you say about the skinny look, it works really well.
    I also love the sort of "laid-back" attitude. Sometimes, it's just down to a few details to give character to a model, the fact he's not charging but sitting quietly on his saddle with hi sbees around already give him some depth.

    Well done

  3. Thanks guys! Just need to work out whether I give him any bees or not now.

  4. That is ace - cant wait to see this painted up.