Wednesday 25 September 2013

Breaking out the titillating pink - Bee Knight Progress

I finally got round to doing a spot of painting and decided to make a start on the Tzeentch Bee Knight I'm doing as part of the knight group challenge over at the Oldhammer forums.

I wanted to pick a really old school look for this guy, so the colours need to be pretty bright and garish. I decided to start with the Tzeentch steed and went for an approximation of an old blue horror colour scheme; striking blue fading to pink on the extremities.

Pink and blue - a classic Tzeentch colour scheme!

It's probably not the subtlest blending from blue to pink you'll ever see, but it seems to be OK! In true retro style, I also added some subtle little markings on the blue in homage to one of Kev Adams' paint jobs:
Blue horror scheme shamelessly copied.
I also resurrected my pot of classic titillating pink for this paint job. In an ideal world, I'd have painted over a white undercoat, but I found my can empty. Hopefully it's not too obvious from the results. Again with a nod to the retro, I implemented Andy Craig's technique for shading the titillating pink as presented over on Orlygg's cracking Realm of Chaos 80s blog (do check it out if you haven't already).

So, the steed is well underway. I just need to decide on colours for the feather ruff, head, and, of course, the Bee Knight himself.


  1. Brilliant !
    What a nice and well chosen colourscheme !
    You've achieved very good contrats on both blue and pink ith the little dots adding that special textures like on John Blanche's work.
    Really looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Thanks :) Still deciding on what to do. Looking forward to seeing yours with some paint also!

  3. Looks promising - it's a really nice conversion. Like the strong colors as well. /Hans