Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Confrontation Project - Starting to Look Pretty Big!

Over a year ago I started putting together a Brat gang. I'm not entirely sure why - there was no real reason behind it, other than the appeal of the models.

 In the intervening 12 months, the Brat gang has evolved into a fun (and flamboyant) modelling and painting project. Of course, Brats need somebody to fight, and somewhere to fight. The logical result of this realisation was to start buying up other suitable models and terrain. This morning, another shipment of models destined for a life of fighting Brats arrived. Feeling very pleased with my latest purchase, I laid out all of the WIP and unpainted models. All 65 of them...

I'm particularly enjoying pulling on less well-known ranges like Paranoia and Judge Dredd. With a bit of tweaking, some of the figures are perfect for a Confrontation setting. Here's a closer look at the WIP pile:
The Law: Some Adeptus Arbites rub shoulders with Paranoia Blue Troopers and Security Troopers (the Paranoia figures need stripping). Alson in here are a pair of Imperial Agents converted from some Commissars.
Ash Wastes Nomads: Marauder figures from the early 1990s plus a conversion of my own.
Guilders: The outstanding members of the Junction Trading Guild built around the Spacelords Adventurer; 4 hired guns and another Guilder.

Hive Gang: A generic 'everyman' gang, currently only 4 members strong. Their iniation rite requires recruits to steal a cap from an PDF officer...hence all the peaked caps!

Hive Citizens: This bunch includes the pair of pilots I showed a few weeks back (Citadel Adventurers and Spacelords Starship Crew ranges). The trio in red are all from the Paranoia range; the chap with the big shell and necklace of grenades looks ideal for a Necromundan ammo dealer.

Tech Gang: If you believe the artwork, Brats always get beaten up by Techs. I just need to obtain enough arms to actually build them!

Scavvy Gang: A mix here of Citadel and Marauder, released and unreleased. This Scavvy gang will be built as slavers; I have plans for a small slave train to accompany them.

Lord Helmawr & Dogskins: I picked these 4 figures up just because they're correct for the setting. If anyone has a different Dogskin they want to swap for my duplicate, let me know!

Brats: How many Brats does one man need? Not content with 6 plus a car and a bike, there's another 9 here. In my defense, I always envisage them moving around in big packs.

Servitors: Because it's 40k, right?!

Painting up the Guilder gang is top of the list, then I'm likely to move onto the Ash Waste Nomads. Although at current painting rate, that will be some time in 2015!


  1. Thats a great project to take on. Seriously.

    I can take or leave RoC warbands and armies picked to fit third ed lists and the like, but a full "set" of Confrontation, now thats a bucket list project.

    65 is a significant number of models for sure, but depending on how much time you can devote to painting, its not insurmountable. See you here with the full set painted perhaps? Thats just over one a week :)

    You can do it.

    1. Nice to have someone acting as my personal Mr Motivator! My current painting progress is roughly 1 model a week, which means that I could in theory have another 3 gangs of 6-7 each painted by Christmas. I'd like to get the Guilder gang up to 6 models before I go on holiday at the end of August - I guess that's the next milestone :)

  2. My Jealousy levels are reaching a climax here. Helmawr gangers really ! They are all wonderful models and I have no doubt you will do them all more than justice. Good models going to good modellists, the world is not as bad as it seems ;)

    I did the same thing some time ago but there have been some changes :


    1. I remember the posts very fondly JB - I have reciprocal jealousy over some of your collection :)

    2. That's a good start for emulation, friendships have been built on less than that ;)

      There's nothing like a good pile of models to pick from to build warbands !
      Confrontation is about to receive teh love it never had I feel and the BOYL game is merely a begining...

    3. The BOYL game has been a huge motivating factor...bigger & better in 2015?!

  3. Wow I'm jealous of your WHORE.. sorry hoarded lead ;) I dread to think how much this little lot must have cost you in money and umm... favours ;)

    1. Money & favours certainly, but also patience & determination to track some of the figures down :)

  4. You lucky git.... Those unreleased Bratts.... I'd be so very interested in getting those cast up, if you were so inclined...

    1. I recognise the temptation of recasting, especially such lovely figures. Not something I want to get into though.You'll just have to hope you strike lucky Dylan :p