Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Spacelords Adventurers - Painted Trader

Sometimes, very rarely, I buy a model that not only jumps to the top of the painting queue, but also one that demands I paint it immediately.

Over the weekend I received a pack of re-issued Metal Magic Spacelords Adventurers. Doug at EM4 Miniatures has recently been reviving some of the long out of production codes as a little sideline - you can check out what's been re-issued to date over at the Lead Adventure forums. (Note, EM4 carries others in the range in their metal unpainted miniatures line)

I picked up the 3701 Adventurers set for the princely sum of £6.00 (to go with the 3720 Starship Crew I bought the other week).

Spacelords 3701 Adventurers
The Adventurers set comprises some nice figures, including two bounty hunter or mercenary types, plus a good looking tech figure. But it's the chap on the left that got me excited. Here's the results of my painting session (accompanying the extended action that was Germany v Algeria):

I see this guy as some sort of wealthy trader perhaps. He has enough money to enjoy the finer things in life; fine clothing, jewellery and (as demonstrated by his expansive waistline) plenty of luxery foodstuffs!

He's still very much of a hands-on character though, for all his love of the finer things in life. He still carries a pistol and comm-set and is clearly used to taking charge!

The only prep work needed for the figure was a bit of light attention to some very fine mould lines, and removal from the integral solid base with a modelling saw.

You can see above that he scales relatively well against a contemporary Citadel figure, and that's just as well, as I envisage plenty of use as a character in Necromunda (perhaps dealing with scavvies in the illegal spook racket?!).

If you like this figure, I strongly suggest you check out the other Spacelords available either through EM4, or through the LAF thread. Very useful additions for any RT, Confrontation or similar gaming!


  1. I do my best to stay on target when I have a miniature project to work on, currently in my case the ork miniatures for BOYL, but occasionally some things distract me. The previous thing that distracted me was Friskers, but that was an itch easily and quickly scratched.

    The current distraction is the re-released Spacelords stuff. Im itching to paint them.

    You arent helping ;) He looks exactly how I think many Imperial nobles or merchants should look.

    Great stuff. You should bring it to BOYL. Im sure that JB could work that guy into his game in some sort of NPC capacity.

    1. I know what you mean! I have a big ass crane, brat car and bike to paint up. But I did this guy instead last night. And I have the female pilot undercoated too...

      He'll definitely be in the case for BOYL :)

    2. Its also this noble/trader and the cute pilot model at the top of my list, followed closely by the moustachioed doctor (who possibly looks slightly gin-soaked to me) that I want to get painting.

  2. Plenty of room for him to have a drink at the Rusty Bolter during games at BOYL! Nice job on him, reminds me that I need to get an order in to EM4

    1. Aha! Perfect. Perhaps he can get some good prices on that new spook lode while he's there? ;)

  3. Lovely work, as I said somewhere else its great to see this range coming back. Can't wait to see the rest of them painted up.

    1. I certainly plan to do them John...just exactly when is the question! I will certainly be supplementing the Spacelords figures with some Citadel pirates as his hired muscle :)

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