Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Grigor Klegane - Bodyguard for Hire

Last night I should have made some progress painting my Bratmobile in preparation for the Bring Out Your Lead whacky races game at the Foundry in a few weeks time. Instead I painted up this chap:
Grigor Klegane is the personal bodyguard of Yakob Pento, Master Trader and key member of the Junction Trading Guild. Klegane doesn't go in for subtlety - his modus operandi is based on his not inconsiderable power and brute force. The mere presence of Klegane looming behind Pento can result in a favourable outcome to trading negotiations!

Here's the Junction Trading Guild as they currently stand:

L-R: Grigor Klegane (bodyguard); Yakob Pento (Guilder); Gatt Dalvurth (Squat advisor)

I have a trio of additional hired guns ready for paint to bulk the band out...but I need to get that Bratmobile painted first!

Klegane is a very simple conversion based on a classic Klegg sculpt from the Citadel Judge Dredd range

After removing the original head, I replaced it with a head from a more modern Nurgle Champion (donated by Brage97 - thanks Brage!). I then added a very basic collar and covered up the Nurgle symbol on his forehead, both with greenstuff .

One yellow boiler suit later, and it's job done!


  1. I like him a lot and for 3 reasons :

    1) He looks fabulous and the conversion is splendid. The head you chose is gorgeous and he would make a good young Harkonnen baron !

    2) The last model I finished is precisely the exact same model (minus the conversion and I enjoyed it a lot !

    3) I am reading "The clash of Kings" (tome 2 of the song of Ice and Fire) at the moment so Grigor Klegane is a name I find very intersting (superb pun with the Klegg term). I've also found a proper name for my klegg but that wil wait until tomorow !

    The gang is looking very good. Are they all going to be fat in this gang or what?

    1. Excellent reasons! The head essentially made the conversion work...I had the Klegg and was looking around for a suitable head...then Brage shared a pic of his conversion of a Blood Bowl figure (using the body but not the head), and it all came together.

      It's a fun model to paint don't you think? - nice and simple, but with some interesting details.

      Sadly the rest of the gang are going to be thin...but they're just hired guns so are disposable ;)

  2. Fantastic work. I was wondering why he looked familiar until I read that he was a conversion from the Klegg. The 3 models ooze charm and character with the lovely PJs unifying them visually.

  3. Although I regard it as a minor sin to chop up a vintage lizardman to make "spaceman with rifle #27354283" he looks so good that I got over it.

    The strange almost baby grow yellow onesie - I expect to see a Tommy Tippee logo somewhere - is genuinely jarring (in a good way) once the you see the guys terrifying face. Very funny.

    I love seeing this Imperial civilians project expand. Filling in those gaps makes the setting seem more real. A cool project.

    1. A minor sin eh?! My own view is that I don't chop up anything ridiculously rare (and there are plenty of Kleggs in circulation), and that I have to make the conversion worth the desecration of the original. Think I managed to make this one work ;)

      I can't get that baby image out of my head now though ;)

    2. What a man does with his toy soldiers is his own business. If I didnt own a copy of that Klegg I would be a bit less impressed .

      As for the finished product, its like George Dawes evil(er) brother. Thats a good thing.

    3. Yeah - Chico has already expressed his displeasure at me hacking apart one of his top 'wants'! ;)

  4. Wow you never would have known this was a conversion. Works so beautifully. Your ability to create and stick to a consistent colour scheme was top notch even 6 years ago.

    1. Thanks! He remains one of my very favourite conversions - probably because there is a dearth of figures with his particular body shape!