Wednesday 30 July 2014

Horns and Wheels - Finished Sensei Companion & Brat Car

Sadly due to a scheduling clash, it looks like I am no long participating in the Rogue Trader - 'The Quickening' game in a couple of weeks time at the Oldhammer Bring Out Your Lead weekend at Foundry. But not being able to join in the game, doesn't mean the Sensei I painted a week or so back doesn't need any companions. With my wife out last night, I broke out the paints and selected one of my top 10 miniatures of all time as my Sensei's first companion - Beast Trooper Gaxt.
Back in Rogue Trader, Beastmen were simply abhumans which could be used alongside human Imperial Guard, in the same way as Ogryns and Ratlings. Beast Trooper Gaxt was just one of the Imperial Guard range, armed with his autogun. My version of him is painted to match my Sensei, with a primarily dark grey scheme:
A subdued colour scheme with flashes of colour on the gaiters and wristband

Here's Gaxt alongside his master - I just love the pose and details on the figure - does anyone know who sculpted him?

The third member of the Sensei trio is unlikely to see paint until after BOYL; I'm still trying to narrow it down from a choice of a couple of great RT figures!

*        *        *
If you're a regular over at the Oldhammer forums or Facebook group, you'll have seen that I have also recently completed my streetcar for my Brats (rather inevitably now named the Bratmobile!).
The car was converted from a 1/48 1938 Y17 Hispano Suiza by Matchbox with the addition of suitably over the top additions and crew.
Early WIP shot of the Bratmobile

The finished Bratmobile has been given a suitably flamboyant (garish?) paintjob using a Taimya Brilliant Orange spray, which gave a fantastic high gloss finish.

Finished Bratmobile without crew

Front on view

The Magpie Dandy haggles with Guilder Yakob Pento over the extortionate price

The gang gathers round to admire the new wheels!

The driver was converted from one of the old Citadel Brats. Lots of cutting repositioned the head and legs, the arms are from a plastic Dark Eldar Hellion and the goggles came from Victoria Miniatures.

The driver also got a companion to rider shotgun - the girl he's looking to impress I guess! She's an Escher ganger from the later Necromunda range with repositioned legs. I deliberately painted her in slightly less gaudy colours as I figured the Brats are the peacocks to her peahen!

The Bratmobile sweeps past, ready for a drive by shooting!
Hope you like!


  1. The beastman is a good choice for a companion, will be interested to see who else you pair up with the Sensai. The Bratts are looking very flash these days indeed, I am sooo jelly.

    1. I think the brash, crude beastman is a nice counterpoint to what I see as a refined, tight-lipped subtle Sensei character. I had converted up a human with lasgun as the second companion, but he's getting recruited by the Ash Waste Nomad gang, so it's a choice between a couple of RT era figures instead ;)

      And Bratts need to be flash, right? :D

  2. Loving the Brattmobile, Jon. Fantastic poses on the driver and his squeeze.

    1. Cheers Ed. The poses were driven by the narrowness of the cabin - a true 40k vehicle would have much more room. I was worried they'd look cramped, but I think it works :)

  3. That beastman sculpt struck me as a little drab over the years, so I didn't ever pick one up. Your lovely paint job has changed my opinion. I will have to try and get my hands on one.

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing all this stuff in hand next week :)

    1. Prepare to be disappointed as you eyeball all the shortcuts and errors in the painting first hand ;)

      Glad to have changed your mind on the beastman though!

    2. Online images of models play down some aspects of painted miniatures and play up others. I have a fair idea what expect :)

      One man's error is another's technique.

      I have a load of sci-Fi beastman from Demonblade/Megaminis, Space Lords and GW primed and looking for some . I'll have to add a Gaxt now.