Tuesday 4 March 2014

When Trolls Meet Elves Part 3: Painting

Hopefully you'll have seen my earlier posts on my Blood Bowl mini-diorama I'm entering at the NAF Championships in Nottingham in May. If not, you can catch up on the earlier posts:

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Colour selection
Over the course of the last week I've been painting the model. I started off thinking about colour schemes. I wanted the elf to match my elf team, as I'm fond of the bright turquoise and white strip with the red. I used the online colour wheel tool I've used previously to establish a nice looking colour scheme; with the turquoise strip on the elf, I could go for a sort of mustardy-brown colour on the troll's skin and a purple strip.


On with the painting
With the colour scheme decided, it was onto the painting. I painted up the troll first using Vallejo heavy goldbrown for the base coat on the skin. The skin was washed with Citadel brown ink and Asurmen blue wash, before being higlighted. The highlights were simply adding white to the heavy goldbrown. The pustules were then given a wash of Citadel Baal red and a dot of pale yellow in the centre.

The purple strip was based on the Citadel hormagant purple foundation paint, washed with leviathan purple and then highlighted by adding white to the hormagant purple. The ropes and bandages are painted with Citadel kommando khaki, washed with devlan mud and then highlighted by adding white.

I decided to make the fur loincloth grey instead of brown to avoid detracting from the skin colour (this was just black drybrushed with progressively lighter greys). The exposed leather on the loincloth came up nicely I think; I used Citadel terracotta, washed again with devlan mud and highlighted by adding Citadel elf flesh.

After finishing the troll, I sanded the base, and added a few little sporting details, like the number '4' on the chestplate, and the stripes on this single boot!

The elf was painted to match my existing elf team; the blue jump suit was painted with a base coat of Citadel hawk turquoise, washed with asurmen blue, then highlighted by adding Citadel ice blue. The white armour, straps and gloves were based coated with Citadel fortess grey and highlighted by adding Citadel skull white.

The elf's skin was base coated with elf flesh, washed with Citadel ogryn flesh wash and then highlighted with elf flesh/skull white mixes. The final touch on the elf was the red sash; Citadel red gore highlighted with elf flesh. The little white stripe also hopefully adds another sporting touch!

Finished piece
After finishing the painting, I paid some attention to the base. The sand was painted with Citade scorched brown, washed with devlan mud (again), then drybrushed with kommando khaki. I then added some green static grass (I like the bright vibrant look on a Blood Bowl pitch!), before adding a white pitch marking and little ball (I like to think the elf has dropped the ball, and the troll has completely forgotten about it!).

Here are the finished photos:

I hope you like the finished piece. I'll let you know how it fares in the competition in May!


  1. That's splendid! When looking at the above shot, you can see the hit is going to hurt a lot...

    I love the sportive look you managed to give to the troll, I think you could have gone even further and paint the troll shoe as a converse all stars with white sport socks above (with chaos star of course) but this would have been a bit too far-fetched I admit ...
    Looking at th eamazing conversion job and how it looks like there's none, I relly hope this one finds the place it diserves on the podium.

    1. Converse All Stars! Why didn't I think of that?! Believe me, nothing is too far-fetched in Blood Bowl...sponsors such as Bloodweiser and Orca Cola are written into the background.

      Glad you like it JB :)

  2. Converse All Stars = Chaos All Stars. At least thats what I always assumed (and poorly painted on my models twenty five years ago).

    Great work on this project. It looks fantastic. The GS work in particular is seamless to my eye. I really like the troll flesh tones too: sickly and repulsive.

    1. :D totally did that too, I started painting my Space crusade marines in 91 with red shoes with white rubber tips like the converse I was wearing at the time (still wearing some), it looked ...weird, even with my youth enthusiasm...