Monday 3 March 2014

The Tony Ackland Acquisition - Update

Earlier today I posted about the Tony Ackland originals I bought last week. Tony has been kind enough to send me a couple of messages helping to ID the pieces, for which I'm very grateful.

While all of my other pieces of original GW art have been purchased directly from the artists or artist's family, this has not been the case for the Tony Ackland pieces.

It transpires that this selection of artwork was due to be returned to Tony by GW, when they cleared out the archives 10 or so years back. Sadly, this never happened (you know the story from my earlier post). While I'm not sure I'll be arrested for dealing in stolen goods, it's added a bit of a sour note to the acquisition, and I'm happy to say I'll be returning a couple of pieces to Tony to fill a hole or two in his personal archive and (hopefully) make amends for the original loss.

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