Wednesday 12 March 2014

Talk Fantasy Football Legacy Team - Nurgle Pestigor

If you are interested in Blood Bowl, you may well be aware of the Talk Fantasy Football forums. You may also be aware of the annual group 'Legacy Team' project; volunteers commit to paint and donate a model for a pre-agreed team; each contributor is entered into a draw and the winner takes the team. This year, contributors voted to do a Nurgle team in a strip of hot pink and black.

I wanted to use one of my Beast Face Miniatures beastmen to make a Pestigor (a diseased beastman of Nurgle). The original model is below; sculpted by John Pickford, the beastman has mutated to have 3 arms, and is one of my favourites from the range.

Beastman from Beast Face Miniatures
While John's original sculpt is fantastic, its clearly not Nurgley enough. I wanted to capture some of the key Nurgle features; obesity, humour and disease.

A large gut, moob (hidden under the ball-holding hands) and expanded rear took care of the obesity element. To give the model that humourous feel associated with Nurgle, I dug out an old Citadel Nurgling from my boxes and mounted him on the Pestigor's shoulders. A liberal sprinkling of greenstuff pustules, and the conversion was nearly done.

Something's missing....
Having done all the conversion work, one thing really didn't sit well with the overall Nurgle look; the horns! Have a look at the classic Bob Olley Citadel Pestigors from the late 1980s - rather than goat, deer or ox horns, these Pestigors have worm-like extrusions with little suckers and mouths at the end.

Happily, this was something I was able to replicate with a little help. John Pickford came to my aid again by knocking me up a length of ribbed greenstuff around a copper wire core. It was then a simple job to added the little suckers at the tips:

Pestigor complete with tentacular horns!

Conversion finished, it was time for a splash of paint. I went for a pale, unhealthy looking flesh to show off the bright pink and black strip & I'm pretty happy with the results:

Over the next 8 months, the team will gradually be built with contributions from other TFF members across the world. I'm looking forward to seeing some of this chap's team-mates!

If Blood Bowl is not your thing, come over to the Oldhammer Painting Challenges forum where we're just kicking off a 'Legacy Warband' based on the same principles.


  1. God Damnit! If I didn't know th emodel was released less than a year ago, I could swear it comes from 25 years ago, the sculpt and paintjobs are totally in sync with what I would aspect from a WD between #100 and #150 !

    Utterly Brilliant!

    I can't wait to see the start of the Oldhammer legacy warband !

    1. Maybe it's because my painting style hasn't moved on much ;) I think the static grass might be a give away that it's more modern!

      Glad you like him - he was a lot of fun to make

    2. You can't fool us ! It takes skill to paint splendid blues like the one on the nurgling and the pinks are great too.

  2. Very nice work Ax, one of your best. The grass patches are shaped like Nurgle's sigil, if you did that on purpose that is a very cool little easter egg.

  3. Looks great Axiom. Love the horns mod you did there, Reminds me of an Andorian's antennae from Star Trek.