Tuesday 25 March 2014

Retro-tastic: A Rogue Trader Zoat & Slann Photoshoot

Yesterday I had the day off work and arranged to meet up with fellow old school enthusiast Graham Apperley for gaming-related fun. We opted to structure our day around visits to Warhammer World and Foundry, with some tabletop action into the mix.

After a hearty breakfast, Graham showed off some newly painted Space Slann...26 of them to be precise. Graham claims not to be happy with the paint jobs, but I think the lovely bright colours look great! I then pulled out my stupidly heavy case to show my Zoat army; created in ~2005, my Zoat army saw action on the 40k tournament scene as a proxy Tyranid army for around 2 years, with its last outing in 2007. As this was the first time the army had been out of the case in 7 years, we decided to borrow one of the Warhammer World tables and set up a little display.

As the Slann emerge from the edge of the forest, they are unnerved to see a herd of Zoats charging towards them!

The Slann charge their high-powered & exotic weaponry, while their commander considers the odds.
26 Slann against 50 fully grown Zoats plus juveniles and a pair of hulking elders...
The Zoat herd charges across open ground.
Withdraw or fight?
The juvenile Zoats race closer on their little agile feet!
The Slann commander makes up his mind, the Zoats aren't worth expending the energy. The Slann troops quickly descend from the hill.

Retreating back into the forest, Slann technology quickly enables them to lose the following Zoat herd.

Although we didn't have time to actually play a game of 40k (original Space Hulk was the order of the day!), it was fun to get the models out and take a few photos.

The afternoon visit to Foundry was pleasant as ever; complimentary cups of tea and mini muffins were pressed upon us, ever-helpful staff dug out blisters from back rooms and we both came away with a nice little selection of figures to add to our current projects. If you're even in Nottingham with a spare hour, I recommend a visit.



  1. Thoroughly enjoyable day as always !

  2. Zoats Vs Space Slanns, just how more oldhammer than this can you get?
    Absolutely lovely! The space slanns are really gorgeous Graham and 26 of them is just an insane number ;).
    Jon, I think I remember those zoats from my days on warseer (looong time ago) and I have to say they were a big influence in my coming back to old references.

    Hats off to you guys for a brilliant display.

    1. JB, yes indeed, I did put these up on Warseer back in the day :)

  3. Great Zoats, what's the baby ones made from?

    1. The baby zoats (2 to a base) are Warmaster cold ones mated with Warmaster kroxigors. The juvenile zoats (termagant size) are one of the mid-1990s lizardman swarm lizards with the top half of a plastic skink.

  4. Yeah!!! What a blast seeing these beautiful Space Slann facing off against an awe-inspiring Zoat horde!!! Whew! Thanks for sharing these photos!!

  5. Superb - was there much interest from onlookers at Warhammer World?

    1. 3 guys came over & looked blank when we said they were slann and zoats. In fairness, it was quiet!

  6. wow… been awhile since I dusted off my old zoats… always at a loss of what to use them as "counts as". Last time I ran them as war walkers…

  7. Excellent looking set up.
    I like the Zoat army, and the Slann are excellent, love the brightness of the colour scheme.