Wednesday 5 March 2014

The Art of Graphology, Part 2 (or 'another day, another exciting package')

I'm still not sure what I think about signed GW items. I figure that anything 'modern' is unlikely to be of much interest, give the prevalence of signing tables at open days and conventions, as well as Games Days. That said, I do like keeping an eye out for older items. Last month I picked up a signed copy of Warhammer Armies, and earlier today another couple of GW publications dropped through the letterbox, having been scrawled on by GW staff.

For the princely sum of £14 including postage, I bought a copy of the 1994 (2nd edition) Eldar codex, and the 1998 (3rd edition) Dark Eldar codex.

Codex Eldar, 1994

Codex Dark Eldar, 1998

If I'm honest, I only really bought the Dark Eldar codex, because it was listed alongside the Eldar codex, but I spent a lot of my middle teenage years poring over the 1994 Eldar book. But why buy copies of books I already own? I think you might know the answer:
Signed by Jes Goodwin, John Blanche, Rick Priestly and Mark Gibbons

Signed by Phil Kelly, Gav Thorpe, Andy Hoare, Alessio Cavatore and a couple of others I don't recognise

I know, the Dark Eldar codex isn't old enough or cool enough, but you've got to agree that's a fine set of signatures on the Eldar codex, right? I just need to get it signed by Geoff Taylor, Wayne England and Bill King, and that's a full house!

If all this geekery isn't enough for you, how about doing some signature comparisons. First up, here's Jes Goodwin's distinctive rune in triplicate:

Signed copies of 'The Gothic & the Eldritch' (JG sketchbook, Eldar codex and Eternal Champion BC5 box

And if you don't like seeing Jes' signature (weirdo), here's a triptych of Blanche scribbles:

Signed copies of 1989 Fantasy Miniatures book, Eldar codex and Warhammer Armies

I freely admit it, I think they're quite cool!


  1. Andy Hoare will tall you on the FB but I believe there could be Space McQuirk's and Anthony Reynolds on the DE dex as well.

    1. I thought about Pete Haines too, definitely looks like Pete written in an H to me ;) and the time scale would be right