Monday 2 June 2014

Brattish Behaviour: Enter the Thin White Duke

"Lookit 'im!" thought Gurf, as he trained his lasrifle sights onto one of the more flamboyant members of the Brat gang picking their way past the vaporators. "Fancy ponce wiv 'is white togs."

The Brat was clearly sporting a highly fashionable outfit; a blindingly white, tight-waisted coat with high collar and tails, lined with bright orange, teamed with skin tight trews buckled along the length of the seams. Turquoise lace dripped out from his cuffs, while jewels and precious metals casually dangled and glimmered. The Brat was wearing a tall, stiff hairdo, dyed unnaturally pink, while in his right hand he was casually twirling a jet-black cane.

Gurf steadied his aim and tensed his trigger finger. He never even saw Rhett d'Arquin's power blade as it slashed across the back of his neck.

Introducing the Thin White Duke

The Thin White Duke is one of the more flamboyant members of the Sutter Dukes; right-hand man to the Magpie Dandy. Canes are very much de rigueur in the Spire this season!

The Thin White Duke is a real mix of components; the legs and pistol arm are from a classic RT era Eldar Harlequin; the torso from one of the more modern Harlequins. The head comes from a Space Marine Scout and the cane is simply a length of wire. Originally I had planned to paint him with a turquoise jacket like his fellow Brats, but he was just crying out for something really he got his white suit. I like to think the suit is impregnated with some sort of anti-grime field to keep it pristine, irrespective of where he goes in the underhive!

I eventually settled on pink for the hair, after trying white, black and turquoise. I think I like it, but irrespective, I'm not repainting it again!

Here are my 4 completed Sutter Dukes to date:


  1. Absolutely lovely! They have style, they have fashion and what a nice pedigre if you consider the references used here.
    Can't wiat to see the others!

  2. I do declare it to be the outfit of the millennium! Does he ever wonder if there is more to life than being really, really, really good looking? I doubt it.

  3. All dolled up and ready to die! :)

    Looking good Jon! Can't wait to see them at BOYL. Now get on with the bike and car!

  4. Cheers all! Bike & car will come, don't worry. Brat #5 needs painting too...

  5. Hi!

    Absolutely brilliant addition to the gang and he really works well, despite being composed of lots of different bits!

    It's worth taking a look at the old Grenadier Dark Elves as they have the flamboyant look to some of their characters which would fit in with the rest of your gang with minimal conversion!

    All the best!

  6. Hey, those are coming along in a really nice way! This one is really wonderful, not an easy colour choice but an outstanding result!

  7. That is spectacular. I'm blown away!

  8. Suave in every sense of the word.

  9. Very striking and beautifully painted white.

    That gang is just looking sickeningly nice right now ;)

  10. The conversion's great, and you've done him justice with the paint job too.

    Well done.