Tuesday 3 June 2014

Brattish Behaviour: WIP Guys & Molls / Underhive Terrain

What does any self respecting Brat need? That's right, an adoring girl to tell him how great he looks. After all, if people aren't telling you how great you look all the time, then what's the point in spending hours perfecting your newest quiff or the perfect place for that diamante beauty spot?
First up is a new addition to the gang, based on a the very nice 'My Hero' figure by Hasslefree Miniatures. I'm a sucker for little dioramas on a small base, and this figure was just crying out to have something done to it!
The conversion still needs a fair bit of work, but the bones of it have been done. So far I've sculpted thigh length boots and a vest sleeve on the moll, and given the Brat the start of his jerkin. He still needs a new haircut and some frills and flounces, but I'm pretty happy with the look. The flamer is from the old Eldar plastic sprue.
I also thought that the driver of the Bratmobile looked pretty lonely and needed some company. His gf is a little more badass than the first girl - not only does she accompany her man into action, but she is more than capable of riding shotgun (lasgun?).

She's converted from a Necromunda Escher ganger - all I did was chop the legs off and reposition them at a sitting angle.

While I've been reworking the Brat gang, it struck me that sadly I have no terrain for them to play over. Yes, I have a Blood Bowl board and a motley selection of trees, rocks and houses. Yes, I have some really naff vacu-formed ruins and bunkers. Do I have anything even remotely resembling the underhive? No.

I also have an old friend due to come and visit in September. He fancies playing some sort of old-school RT skirmish game, so I need to start working on some terrain for us to play over. I already have a few items on order, but this first piece arrived today which I intend to turn into a scrap metal shop.

You are actually looking at a Star Wars Action Fleet Podracer Hangar playset, which I guess is approximately 15mm in scale. I picked it up for about £5 on ebay; with a repaint and bit of adaptation, I think it's going to look great.

OK, the steps are a bit small, but the doorway and detail are nice.

You could fit through if only you had a sensible hairstyle!

Lacking some of the comforts my Brats are used to.
What do you think?


  1. Flawless !
    Every addition is just better than the previous one ! You are building one of the best Bratt gangs ever done. The bar is et very high now!
    When dwelling in RT, you know you're right when you're starting to play with starwars toys... It looks perfect and apart from the stairs everythig just has the right look. Even without the colours, I can already see the underive setting.
    Looks like you're going to have to work your neon lights skill !

    1. Glad you're still liking them - not getting jaded yet then?!

      Sadly though, I can't recall ever having seen a completed Brat gang to date. I've seen one or two figures, but never a full gang (and believe me, I did a lot of researching when I started out with these guys)

    2. RT and conforntation are just full of ideas, models and concepts taht have been used enough or at all !
      I just love all these wonders being brought back to life. Make another 30 of them and I'll still want to see more !
      In fact it gives me even more ideas to do my own band !

      I'm going to roam every backyard sale in search for some toys like yours.

  2. Great conversion work on the Hunk & his hoe.......it's gunna look the bomb when it's all finished and painted up!

    Those action figure playsets are ideal for wargaming, good find.

    There's no stopping you axiom, your on a roll!


  3. Toy playsets are the way forward...I just wish I could find more of them :)

  4. Wow, I didn't expect any of these. The diorama idea is pure genius, you have gone one step beyond there. But also the Bratmobile and the scrap shop totally stun me! Great ideas turning out great!

  5. Very nice job finding that action fleet play set. Seems like ramps would be an easy way to cover up those stairs.

    1. Ramps! Why didn't I think of that?! ;)

  6. Also, there is a Mos Espa market terrain peice in this same series that might work with some more in depth conversions. (although perfect for 15mm folks)

    A Naboo hanger exists as well, but the cheapest one on ebay was $40...

  7. Awesome conversions, can't wait to see the "my hero" one completed.

    I keep having toys catch my eye when I'm out shopping with the kids. Mainly construction sets (for the cranes) and multi-storey garages. I think they'd work up and paint up well for Necromunda etc.

  8. Thanks all. Hopefully more work on My Hero over the weekend!