Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Blood Bowl Dark Elves - Finished

When I say finished, what I mean is that I have 11 players completed and can now actually play a game with this team! In reality, there are still a couple of cheerleaders and coaches, as well as the display board to do. But that's just nit-picking!

Witch Elf #2 in classic 'fend' pose.
Last night I finished painting up this lovely lady; the second Witch Elf for the team. She's gone from being a last minute change from the original Witch Elf #2, to being my favourite model in the team. Funny how things work out! 

With the final player painted, I can now show you the full 11-strong team:

4 Blitzers, each with a unique face mask, but based on the same core model.
4 Linemen. 3 are based on 2nd edition Elf Linemen, with the 4th converted from a Wood Elf Wardancer.
My 2 Witches flanking a Runner. The Witches' legs are from a classic Harlequin.

And finally, the gratuitous team shot. Note the Blitzers forming a protective cage around the Runner!
I've just calculated that 25 individual models went into the making of these 11 players, but hopefully the end result comes close to my ambition - to make a Dark Elf team as if Jes Goodwin had sculpted the 2nd edition figures, rather than the Perrys. 


  1. A pure Jes Goodwin Dark elf BB team, that is a impressive sight !
    You can be really proud of this one ! The new witch elf is indeed a very good addition and the conversion jobs is a very good one.
    With the spare parts you can still build a lot of funny things I bet so nothing should be wasted in the end (every model can use a Jes Goodwin bit is my motto).

    What shall we see next then? Brat gangers? :D

    1. Bratt gangers...funny you mention that... ;)

  2. Witches conversions are great and team colors are good !!
    I love that team! Where the cheerleaders?
    bye Nico.

    1. Thanks Nico :) Cheerleaders are coming soon - I promise!

  3. Your best Blood Bowl team yet I think - very much the 'what if Jes Goodwin sculpted Dark Elves' as Asslessman says. I'm glad you used three colours on the scheme, and I hope your hard work pays off at the NAFC.

  4. And what's with team boards? Useless tat, I say - if it's not on the pitch, its not neccessary!

    1. I think of them as slightly blinged up carry trays that happen to make the team look good at the same time ;)

  5. Hey Axiom, your work is a huge inspiration. I have been wanting to paint up a Dark Elf team for years now, but I never found any miniatures that I really liked.

    Your solution is great.