Friday 20 December 2013

Edit: Make that 28 painted figures!

With my wife out at a Christmas party earlier in the week, I found time to up my total number of painted figures for 2013 to 28, with the addition of these two to my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team.

Leather chaps are obviously de rigueur for female Blood Bowl players this season!

The lineman seems to be pretty solid - I would probably redo the breastplate if I wanted to start afresh (it's a bit off centre), but he'll do the job, and hopefully all the little tweaks (extra armour, helmet, boots) reinforce the Dark Elf nature.

I'm really pleased with the Witch Elf however, the model was quite difficult to envisage, even with all the conversion work done, so I'm happy it all comes together with the finished figure.

That is definitely it for 2013 however, as Christmas is definitely going to preclude any time to sit down and paint. Have a great holiday - I'm looking forward to picking things back up in the New Year!


  1. Dark elves don't care about anything, they add water in their wine, they cross streets outside of zebras so seeing one with a dissymetric armour won't surprise anyone...
    28 models in a year , that's 2.33 model a month which is 58 % a model a week so this is great !

  2. Stat increase! Over half a model per week - that's some speed painting I've been doing ;)

    And no, DE don't care one jot about the "rules" :)