Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The vile Pan Tang

A slightly belated Happy New Year from my first post of 2014. I'm very much looking forward to what 2014 brings for me and my hobby interests, and I currently have a great deal of enthusiasm (obsession?) for Citadel's Eternal Champions range.

I thought you might like to see some of what arrived with me in or around the Christmas period; namely some significant progress in filling out the Pan Tang ranks. Back in mid-November, I didn't have a single Pan Tang figure. Here's how things stand after around 6 weeks of searching, buying and trading (for reference, these figures cost roughly £3 each - it just goes to show that the £30 BIN auctions are somewhat overpriced from the actual market value).

EC05 Melnibonean Personalities
The Pan Tang Officer was mislabeled on ebay as a Citadel Oriental Warrior, while King Urish was in a big bulk lot of models (along with Rakhir the Red, not pictured). The seller agreed to pull the 2 models out and sell them to me separately, which just goes to show it doesn't hurt to ask!

L-R: Pan Tang Officer, King Urish, Theleb Kaarna, Jagreen Lern

EC02 Pan Tangian Infantry
Nine of these 10 came from Spanish seller - I was the only bidder on each auction surprisingly.

I still need the remaining 5 Pan Tangian infantry (see below). If you can help out, please get in touch!
Needed: # 3, 10, 11, 13, 14

Unlisted Pan Tangian Spearman
According to the excellent and comprehensive guide on the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Wiki, this Pan Tangian spearman never made it into the Eternal Champions range, but was instead siphoned off as a Chaos warrior. His tab reads 'Pan Tangian' though.

Not technically Pan Tangian? His tab begs to differ ;)
EC04 Pan Tangian Tiger Handlers
Yours for only £85 on ebay. Or around £12-18 for a handler and two tigers based on these purchases if you wait for an open auction to come around. Helpful fellow collectors have given me an additional pair of handlers, so I now have a dedicated handler for each tiger (although annoyingly, only one handler is looking over his right shoulder!).

These tiger models are beautiful - any suggestions on the sculptor?

And finally...
I was thinking about other figures which might fit in with the Pan Tangians and picked up a small selection of Citadel's 1980s Lord of the Rings line. Pictured below are some Southrons and Umbar Corsairs. They look like decent fill ins for perhaps warriors from Qvarzhasaat perhaps?

Citadel 1980s LOTR figs - destined for other things!
I'm planning to try out a couple of skirmish rules sets with these guys and some of Elric's buddies in the near future. All experiments will be documented here!


  1. This is not range I'm very familiar with, so reading this has been something of an eduction. As for skirmish rules may I recommend Matakishi's 'Crom'?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion - I was actually considering giving Crom a go after reading your plans with your nice fantasy figures :)

  3. Man I had that unlisted Pan Tang/Chaos Warrior spearman since my childhood...sadly I sold it off about 2 years ago without realizing what it was....I was surprised how much the buyer offered for it...I should have probably asked for more....sigh. Good luck on your quest!

  4. I have to say just like Gareth, I actually idea very little knowledge about this range and it's a really nice discovery to learn about them in here.
    Some very excellent models going to a very excellent hobbyist, Justice is done...

  5. To be honest, I knew very little about the range myself until a few months ago. Discovering it has been a real pleasure!

  6. hi mate you still need those pan tangs? I have four in my set i was about to post on ebay